22 December 2009

Everyone Understands Intimidation and Incompetence

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Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming has dominated the blogs recently. This is partly due to the Copenhagen climate conference and largely due to the still unfolding ClimateGate exposure of unethical and unscientific practises by top IPCC climate "scientists." The greater the exposure, the less seriously the general public -- and the more intelligent of the blogosphere -- is taking the global warming holocaust.

But is the blogosphere and the general public qualified to understand the intricacies of climate science? Ah.  That is, of course, the wrong question to ask, and an obvous red herring. The important question to ask is: do the blogosphere and the public possess enough information to pass judgment on the impartiality and scientific integrity of the top gatekeepers of the IPCC and the peer review climate science publishing establishment? The answer to that is a growing affirmative.

The ClimateGate files revealed that a small, closely knit group of scientists, bureaucrats, editors, and journalists worked together hand-in-glove to control what was published in 1. scientific journals 2. IPCC reports 3. the mainstream media 4. and even Wikipedia!  This small group of gatekeepers used unethical (perhaps illegal) means to control the climate message to government leaders, scientists, funding agencies, journalists, and the general public. Not only that, but the people in question were unquestionably incompetent, as revealed by their unguarded, private chatter.

One does not need to be a climate scientist or computer modeler to understand intimidation, deception, and incompetence of this magnitude.

Who will accept and deal with the problem -- and who will try to cover it up and cover it up with diverting questions such as "Are you a climate scientist?" The question is a non sequitur, a red herring. The better question is "Would you put the IPCC gatekeepers in a critical position, where the quality of their characters could decide the fate of you and your loved ones?" Would you even buy a used car from them?

Anyone who tries to whitewash, coverup, and sweep under the rug the critically important aspect of this issue -- that  the data and the methods underlying climate catastrophe have been jiggered --  can not be trusted themselves.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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