03 November 2009

Russia Turns Its Back on Greatest Dangers

the preoccupation with America has blinded large sections of the Russian elite to other threats facing their country....Foremost among these is demographic decline: the shrinking of Russia. _Blogs.law.harvard/mesh
The city of Moscow contains 2 million muslim residents. By 2015, muslims will make up the majority of the Russian army, and by 2020 they will be one fifth the population of the country. How? By immigration and by differential birthrate. Muslim birth rates remain consistently higher than birth rates of ethnic Russians -- in Moscow and throughout the countryside.

As we have seen in London, Oslo, and Amsterdam, muslims are capable of transforming the life of a large European city with much less than a majority of the population. Anything above 10% muslim population in an important city -- particularly a capital city -- can change the way of life for everyone.

The situation is particularly ominous in Russia, since the indigenous Russian population is dropping so quickly due to high death rates combined with low birth rates. Moscow is apt to be majority muslim within a few decades. Imagine the transformation of once-proud Moscovites into dhimmis -- it may not be long now.

And yet Russians cling to their rabid anti-Americanism, and proceed to encourage nuclear proliferation in Iran, Venezuela, and any other Russia-friendly dictatorship it can form a relationship with. In this case, Russia-friendly necessarily tends to equate with anti-American.

In other words, Russia is forsaking the one reformation that could possibly save it from its almost certain demographic fate. Without human rights and economic reforms combined with stronger relations with the US and/or Europe, Russia is doomed to lose almost all of its country to its neighbors over the next several decades.

Such reforms and such a US or European alliance would require Russia to give up its bully-boy stance in its local neighborhood. But it would inject important investment and technological development into Russia's decrepit energy and industrial sectors. More importantly, it would give indigenous Russians the sense of a real future -- something to live and breed for. Without that, Russia simply evaporates.


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Blogger Unknown said...


Wednesday, 04 November, 2009  
Blogger neil craig said...

You can also reverse that & say that the USA has wasted an enormous amount of effort helping anti-Russian & anti slavic Muslim nutters & indeed Nazis commit genocide (ie our KLA, Bonian Moslem ex-Nazi, Croatian Nazi & Georgian friends) when there is no genuine conflict of interest between the USA & Russia.

Treating people as enemies tends to make them unfriendly. Killing their relatives even moreso.

Wednesday, 04 November, 2009  
Blogger read it said...

Makes me think what we are seeing has happened so many times before. When people aren't motivated to work to increase, they will be overrun by people who are motivated.

Of course, it looks like a thousand years of darkness on the horizon because when these folks take over and devour their hosts, it could be like South Africa until China takes over. China gets my vote for most likely to be able to preserve the technology of the West. It doesn't seem to be their goal to kill scientists and innovators. They hate "intellectual" dissidents.

Wednesday, 04 November, 2009  
Blogger Ugh said...

All this while the West commits slow suicide as we give our technology to China. With Obama demotivating American business with his every policy is America's future that much better than Russia's. It's so depressing.

Wednesday, 04 November, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Obama has ignited a counter-movement that has opened many Americans' and other westerners' eyes to the ongoing suicide of the west.

Russia has tried to balance East and West, and is rapidly shrinking as a result. Its rich carcass will be fought over by those peoples who choose to survive.

Thursday, 05 November, 2009  

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