06 November 2009

Obama Loves 12% of American Workers

The other 88% can go to hell. As US unemployment surges well into double digits, even Obama's economic advisors are wondering what the green rookie president is going to do about the unemployment problem.

Barack Obama has been the "bad luck charm" president for the US economy and US employment. As the US heads into the holiday season, fewer families will be feeling gratitude or goodwill toward the elected incompetents in DC.

But 12% of US workers have good reason to thank the green rookie Obama, for looking out for them. The 12% who belong to labour unions -- the unions that are destroying America's schools and eating the heart out of the economic health of US cities, counties, states, and eventually the federal government.

With US commerce, industry, and small business employment so badly devastated, why does Obama push ahead with his bloated and highly politicised wrecking balls to the economy such as Obamacabre fascist healthcare, Carbon Cap and Stab (energy starvation), Union Card Check, government takeover of the private economy, an exploding bureaucracy, and a killing "stimulus" that rewards his biggest campaign backers but fails the economy?

Either Obama is trying to destroy the US economy, or he is too lost in la-la land to understand what is happening in the real world. Either way, responsible US citizens are screwed.  Things are getting a bit tricky.  But then, you knew that already.  

What are you going to do?


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Blogger Cheryl Pass said...

We've yelled, we've emailed, we've asked pointed questions of elected officials, we've called, we've rallied, we've written op-eds to the papers, we've given money to orgs. who support freedom, we've argued with liberals who put there hands over their ears and jump up and down screaming because they don't want to hear the truth...frankly I don't know what else to do short of diving for some fox hole and trying to become invisible. What else can we do??? We are powerless to stop Obama, Pelosi, The Black Caucus, Reid, Frank, Rangel, etc....and yes, he is deliberately destroying the U.S. economy. It's all deliberate. They don't listen. They don't care. They are insulated from consequences...they pay no price for their schemes.....so they can do whatever the hell they want to do.

So tell me....what else can we do?

Friday, 06 November, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

In the end, each person is responsible for himself. Collective action in politics is often useful and frequently frustrating, but it is beside the point of what this particular blog is about.

I am more concerned about the personal precautions that people take against government-caused (and other) catastrophes. We should try not to get so caught up in politics that we neglect our own well being on several levels.

Just like a parent sometimes has to step back and let the child make his own mistakes, so a member of a group sometimes has to watch the group make idiotic mistakes that will make life more difficult for himself.

The idea is not to be able to magically control all the stupid people in the world. You can only control yourself. You can only take precautions for yourself, against all of that stupidity.

Saturday, 07 November, 2009  
Blogger Cheryl Pass said...

I thought your question, "What are you going to do," was a query for actionable plans by citizens to stop the Obamination of our government.
Of course, if you are speaking to individual survival...above...you are saying "it's every man for himself." While we each would like, and strive for, our own individual autonomy over our lives, this is increasingly impossible due to (as you say) "bloated and highly politicised wrecking balls to the economy such as Obamacabre fascist healthcare, Carbon Cap and Stab (energy starvation), Union Card Check, government takeover of the private economy, an exploding bureaucracy, and a killing "stimulus" that rewards his biggest campaign backers but fails the economy?" Now we are up against a forced collectivism by a Soviet style government that will not permit individual survivalists to thrive. It will take a "collective" effort to get our "individual" rights back. Going Galt is one thing. But one man alone cannot fight back against a totalitarian government. Sometimes the "parents" must step in to stop self-destructive behavior by out-of-control brats. Tough love is not going to stop these idiots from annihilating us. Watching the house burn down is not my idea of saving the neighborhood from arsonists. Watching our country be destroyed is not my idea of civic responsibility. So that is what I was lamenting in my comment. I think we need criminal prosecution against the treasonous Potus, and his henchmen politicians czars...but have no clue how to get that done. Just my thoughts...

Saturday, 07 November, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Group action for political change is important. I admire individuals who rally and campaign against the darkening storm. I have attended a few rallies myself. If we can keep things from crashing down, we should. But that is not guaranteed. So we should be ready.

One first needs to take care of basic needs for personal safety and security on multiple levels. If you are like most people, there are several others in your close circle who could use your help if things crash down. But you have to be in a position to help.

If you have heard about the riots of the 60s, the LA SC extended riot of 92, and the post-Katrina civil disorder, you should have a rough template of how easily things can break down -- even in the US.

Such breakdown can occur on a local level, on a regional level, on multiple local levels simultaneously, and on a quasi national or international level.

That is not a totalitarian government going after a lone individual. That is a government losing control. The individual against a mob.

This blog has tried to explain the many ways in which today's US is different from the US of the 18th, 19th, and early to mid 20th centuries.

Civilisations cannot be constructed from the top down, they have to be constructed of sound material from the bottom up. The breakdown and corruption of US lower education, popular culture, US higher education, the information media, politics, and fiscal responsibility, have all occurred over multiple decades through multiple generations.

You don't reverse that breakdown by way of a political movement. No matter how well intentioned a collective movement may be, the rotten human infrastructure will show through.

The founding of the US was a radical departure from the status quo of the corrupt kingdoms and duchies of Europe. Something equally radical is needed at this time.

Well planned, and redundant on multiple levels, and supported by gritty, determined, intelligent and resourceful people.

Not mere politics. It has to go so much deeper than mere politics.

I am not talking about religion, although I am talking about morality of the deepest possible sort.

Sunday, 08 November, 2009  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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