08 November 2009

Are Robots With Breasts More Interesting?

...the Femisapien ... comes in a curvy body that gives us a glimpse of a future where mechanical female companions become a reality. Besides having a more attractive form, the Femisapien has many more features than its macho predecessor.

In addition to the included remote control, she has three modes which can be activated based on how the head is positioned. The Attentive mode makes her perform various poses, act as backup singer, dancer and even someone blowing kisses. The Learning mode lets the user teach Femisapien a routine (up to 80 steps long), which can then be replicated on demand. The Responsive mode allows her to move around and react to objects and sounds. She can even act out comedy routines. __Source

Image via New Atlantis

If it seems that breasts on a robot can serve no purpose, perhaps one is not looking deeply enough into the human psyche. Breasts can slip behind a human's defenses, and cause him to lower his guard -- to relax. Most human males, at least, never seem to get enough of the human breast. Even most human females are likely to be more relaxed, more willing to talk freely, with a breasty android.

Robotic caretakers of children and the elderly, may find their jobs made easier with a little something up top. The breast is symbolic for nurturing, and tenderness, but the sexual connotation is always there, as well. Robotic prostitutes will need not only tender breasts, but other soft curves of the human female form.

After decades of attacks against the feminine by fascist feminasties, and a further hyper-sluttenization of young women by popular culture and media, you might think that the feminine form would have lost its magical ability to dissolve outer psychic defenses -- but no. In this case, as in many others, genes win out.

What do you think about robots with breasts and estrogen curves? Superfluous, or interesting?


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Blogger kurt9 said...

Superfluous. I prefer sexuality with real human females. Robots are for work.

Sunday, 08 November, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, I agree. My domestic android, Valerie, is completely asexual.

The current crop of sex dolls and sex robots are just human-shaped lumps of silicone rubber. Not generally arousing for most males.

But the idea behind breasted robots is less sexual and more for purposes of subconscious nurturing.

Monday, 09 November, 2009  

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