08 October 2009

What Kind of Fool Am I?

Everyone plays the fool sometime. Some people are not just playing.
...there are essentially three kinds of fools: Real Fools, Professional Fools, and Unsuspecting Fools. Real Fools are the innocents, the simpletons, the idiot savants and “naturals” who react to situations and people with an Aspergian lack of restraint or decorum. They speak their unmediated minds, and great truths sometimes emerge, as “out of the mouths of babes.” Any of them might have blurted, “The emperor has no clothes.” Forrest Gump is our great modern examplar of this kind of fool. Heaven looks out for such as these.

Professional Fools include court jesters, clowns, toadies, con artists, and a whole range of yes-men. By pretending to be stupid or servile, the Professional Fool coolly aims to reinforce his client’s conviction of his own obvious superiority. In fact, these performance artistes always quip and caper with a purpose: a salary, behind-the-throne power, a scam. In literature one of the most memorable of these professional fools is Rameau’s Nephew, who in Diderot’s famous dialogue of that name toadies to the rich and powerful in return for a snug berth and regular meals. In the film The Usual Suspects, Kevin Spacey is a more complex example: Hunched and crippled (as were many professional court jesters), he’s slightly pitied by the tough and obviously much smarter people all around him. But Verbal Kint is far more than the “talkative child” that his name suggests.

As for Unsuspecting Fools, they are essentially everyone else in the world, starting with you and me. Everybody plays the fool sometimes; there’s no exception to the rule. More particularly, the Unsuspecting Fool is the supposedly wise figure — a sovereign, a pedantic scholar, a pillar of the establishment — who is blind to his own vanity and self-importance, ignorant of what’s really going on, puffed up with hubris. Pride goeth before a fall. In tragic vein, Oedipus and Lear are Unsuspecting Fools. _incharacter
Consider the person who slogs through life like most poor fools. Sometimes succeeding, often failing, he sees enough of both sides of life to understand something of his own failings. Then consider the fool who is carefully prepped, pandered, and free-passed through life. He imagines that his successes arise out of his own brilliance, his worthiness, his destiny to greatness. Those who paved his way upward are thrown under the bus in succession, when no longer needed.

Everyone plays the fool at times, but not everyone is aware of that fact. Which kind of fool are you, am I, is Obama?


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Blogger Eshenberg said...

"....is Obama?"

If Nobel Prize give to fools,than probably,

Friday, 09 October, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

In this case, it is the Norwegian prize committee who are the bigger fools. Of course they also gave the prize to a Palestinian terrorist, a failed politician (Al Gore), a demented peanut farmer, and various other odd bedfellows to genuine peace. That particular prize has become a foolish joke.

Friday, 09 October, 2009  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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