16 October 2009

Test Score Gap Between Black and White Students Resistant to Change After 1973 Birth Cohort

The narrowing of the black-white gap extends from children born in 1961 through children born in 1973, and it was substantial—from 1.2 standard deviations to about .8. Then the trend goes flat, with a few spikes, for children born over the next 26 years. _Murray
A great deal of effort has gone into erasing the devilishly persistent test score (and IQ score) gap between Americans of European derivation and Americans of African derivation. Even where differently derived children are raised in the same families, the black-white test score gap remains as a stubborn statistic.It does appear as if something significant happened during that 1961 to 1973 time span. In point of fact, several important changes occurred in the racial landscape of the US over that span. Which ones were relevant to the issue at hand? Difficult to say.

Since the 1973 birth cohort, the gap seems to be fixed at roughly 0.8 standard deviations, plus or minus.

Can the apparent narrowing of that historical time period be replicated? Can the test score gap be eliminated altogether?

That would depend upon the underlying cause of the bulk of the test score gap itself. If the gap derives from genetic differences, then only a better understanding of the genetics of intelligence can lead us to possible remedies.

But first, we need to break the chains of political correctness that have hampered an open scientific investigation of this issue. Under the hyper-sensitive race consciousness of the 21st century US, even suggesting an innate cognitive gap between the races is verboten. Look at James Watson's public flogging as an example of what could happen to anyone who casually brings up the topic -- except perhaps President Obama. Messiahs may be immune to high tech lynchings and public thrashings.

Until modern society takes a strong dose of intellectual Ex-Lax so as to remove the PC broomstick up its ass, this vital but neglected topic may languish for decades yet.

Murray's article
(via Steve Sailer)

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Blogger Eshenberg said...

It should go up, because more and more person's, so called "Black" are who have only one parent of Sub-Sahar African origin or even one grandparent;)
If it's genetic' than of course person who 75%(if we can split person in %) background of east Asian and 25% Sub-Sahara African descent will test better! Considerably of your celebrity, politicians and other so called American Africans are from mixed background(only they it remembers not often). If (some one)want better date than need test only students from Africa and Europa who study in USA.....
Want equality make all the same genetically;)
Pardon,for grammar'

Saturday, 17 October, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes. Genetic mixing from interbreeding between population groups should tend to narrow some differences over time.

That is not likely to be the cause for the interesting aborted trend noted in the article.

Martins, there is a problem when you select immigrants to represent their native population. Academic immigrants are apt to be above average in many ways.

If the average subsaharan population IQ is 75 to 80, the IQ of any academic immigrant to the US from Africa will almost certainly be at least 1 to 2 standard deviations above the mean.

European academic immigrants would also test above the means of their native populations, but probably not quite as far from the mean on average as African immigrants.

Saturday, 17 October, 2009  

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