13 October 2009

Government Workers Get Paid Even When No One Else Does

Image via Economist

...many are disturbed by the expansion of government that followed the crash. Voters particularly dislike the way the state is using their money to reward deadbeats, says Mr Brooks. They themselves work hard and live within their means. They see their neighbour, who borrowed more than he could afford to buy a fancy house, getting a bail-out to save him from the consequences of his own poor judgment. They see reckless bankers getting bailed out too, and the ill-managed carmakers of Detroit likewise. And they resent it.

they can see that one group of Americans has been practically unaffected by the recession: government employees. Their hours have not been cut, their benefits are gold-plated and they are almost impossible to sack. In good times, few Americans notice these things, but in bad times, the disparity grates. Cops and firefighters can retire in their 40s and draw defined-benefit pensions for life. With overtime, one tenth of the police in Massachusetts made more than the governor’s annual salary in 2006, according to the Boston Globe. Including benefits, the average employee of New York City makes more than $100,000, according to Forbes, while some Californian prison guards “sock away $300,000 a year”.

And what do taxpayers get for their generosity?... Union contracts force the postal service to pay thousands of unneeded workers to do nothing. In New York, public-school teachers who can’t be trusted to teach but can’t be sacked either are paid to sit and do crosswords.

.....Most Americans admire firemen, teachers and cops. They like receiving government benefits, too. And roughly half of them will pay no federal income tax at all this year. The problem is that this is not sustainable. During his election campaign, Mr Obama promised not to raise taxes on anyone except the rich, but with the deficit so vast, the question is not whether he will break this promise but when.__Economist
The bankrupt US media has actively ignored the simmering discontent of the American taxpayers and unemployed, during the continuing Obama depression. But there is a limit to how long the skank media can keep the lid on this pressure cooker. When hundreds of thousands of protestors stormed Washington DC September 12, 2009, to protest government spending and taxation -- the media could not be bothered to cover the story. When last weekend a few thousand gay and lesbian protestors walked around the US capital, it was headlined in all the media as a "huge protest."

It is becoming a race between the US government and the US media to see which can self-destruct the soonest.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cops and firefighters can retire in their 40s and draw defined-benefit pensions for life.

I don't believe that is true here in AZ, or at least it wasn't. I remember talking to a retired sheriff's deputy who was in his early sixties about ten years ago who stated that he could only collect his pension for the same number of years that he worked for the sheriff's office. Instead of taking the monthly checks he said that instead he stupidly took a lump sum and his (ex)wife convinced him to blow it all. When I ran into this former deputy he was broke and working as a greeter at a local grocery store.

In addition my mother worked for the state of AZ at a regulatory agency as a clerk during the 90's and she said that the state pension plan amounted to a tax deferred saving plan.

Maybe that is why Barry Goldwater came from here.

Monday, 19 October, 2009  

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