24 October 2009

The Genetics of Human IQ: New Research Findings

Trinity College Dublin researchers have made a significant discovery in the genetics of human IQ differences. They looked at a genetic variant of gene NOS1 in both normal persons and schizophrenics.
People who carry the genetic variant within a gene called NOS1 recorded lower IQ scores than those who do not carry the variant.

The same test was also carried out among patients with schizophrenia and yielded the same result. It is hoped that the research will bring us closer to understanding the nature of intelligence and mental health disorders such as schizophrenia.

The research involved thousands of participants in Ireland and Germany with an average difference in verbal IQ of five points. Significant differences were also found in the working memory of those who carried the genetic variation and those who did not.

...A total of 600 people in Ireland and 1,700 in Germany participated in the study. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland, the study involved researchers at TCD, the University of Cardiff and Munich.
. _IrishTimes_via_OneStdv
These results will need to be confirmed. But they are only the latest findings to support the importance of genetics to development of human intelligence. Expect much more research of this type (outside the US) as the means for genetic decoding grow cheaper, faster, more reliable, and capable of penetrating ever more deeply into the secrets of gene expression.

The dogma of political correctness that has a chokehold on US government, US academia, US media, and most US funding agencies and foundations, will attempt to smother this important research, and to deny its significance. Fortunately, there are strong groups within the US, Canada, Europe, and Oceania (not to mention South and East Asia), that are willing to fight back against thuggish Orwellian political correctness.

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