15 September 2009

It's Not Working

The [Manpower US Employment Outlook] survey results depict an economy that is gasping for breath. Dazed companies are either frozen in fear or shedding staff in anticipation of the brilliant plans of the Democrats: sweeping new energy taxes (Cap-and-Trade); socialized medicine (with brutal mandates for small businesses); forced unionization (card check); and a reduction in consumer spending (with the expiration of the across-the-board Bush tax cuts). _DR
Only 12% of employers expect to increase employment Q4 09. 88% will reduce employment, hope to maintain at current levels, or have not decided yet.Plummeting tax receipts tell the tale that the journalistic "rah rah boys" at CNN, NYT, and WaPo are afraid to tell.

Heading into the Christmas season, Obama is looking a lot more like the Grinch than like Santa Claus.

No recovery in sight

Ghost recovery, lost at sea


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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