24 July 2009

Obama Stimulates Bomb Shelter Economy

Although Obama has been unable to improve US employment and business formation, the clown president of the US has had quite a salutary effect on other parts of the economy. Gun and ammunition sales, for example, have skyrocketed into record territory. The survival business has also been doing quite well, including bomb shelter sales. Popular Mechanics has a feature on fallout shelters that you can buy now:
The bomb shelter business is booming. At least that's the consensus of the men and women who design, construct and install underground sanctuaries. They attribute the growth in business to Kim Jong Il's erratic missile lobbing, the intransigent Iranian clerics hell-bent on getting nuclear weaponry, the impending total collapse of the global financial system, and the end of the world in 2012, as predicted by the Mayan Calendar.

"For whatever reason—and we're not totally sure ourselves—but business is incredible," Brian V. Camden, an engineer at high-end shelter builder Hardened Stuctures, says. "Twenty-twelve, the financial collapse: I just had to hire a new architect Tuesday. Right now we're doing a lot in Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania. All through Appalachia, it's people who share a similar mind-set." _PM
Of course everyone understands why the survival industry is growing at rates not seen since the Jimmy Carter malaise. Most of the people who are spending large sums of money to make themselves and their families secure, do not understand what they are doing. They are not competent to meet the likely challenges that an extended Obama depression and catastrophe would force them to meet.

Truly competent persons can build or design far better plans for surviving hard times than are available from most vendors in the survival industry. Unfortunately, competence is a vanishingly rare commodity in the age of psychological neoteny and academic lobotomy.

The most effective survival strategies involve cohesive groups of like-minded and competent persons working together toward a common goal. The information and tools for survival are available to any insightful persons or groups. In libraries and on the internet, you can find all the info you will need. Consult the Al Fin sidebar, or check out the "survival" category link below.

The Society for Creative Apocalyptology is working on providing its expertise in syndicated form to local chapters. Stay tuned, since the wheels of progress sometimes roll slowly.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with survival shelters is that you eventually have to come out. This requires the assumption that things will eventually get better. Better to ride the hand cart to Hell than to get their by falling down an elevator shaft.

Friday, 24 July, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get *there*.

Friday, 24 July, 2009  

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