17 June 2009

Scamander Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle

This one of a kind vehicle was built as a prototype for a future line of amphibious vehicles. Unfortunately the builder and financer, Peter Wheeler, died before he had the chance to move to production.
When Wheeler sold TVR to Nikolai Smolenski, he saw it as an opportunity to build the car he’d always wanted to, something that combined his passion for driving fast with the ability to literally go anywhere.

“Lots of people are fed up with their traditional sports cars, like Ferrari and Lamborghini produce, so I wanted to create an alternative,” Wheeler told EVO Magazine last November. “I created it for me, to be honest. I enjoy shooting, sailing and driving on track, so I wanted something that could cover all these elements. I call it an RRV, for rapid response vehicle.” _ImpactLab

It moves slowly in the water with sluggish marine handling, but it's the idea that counts. People actually want vehicles that drive like a car, cruise like a yacht, and fly like a plane. Two out of three isn't bad, for the time being. For my purposes, I need a vehicle that also runs submerged like a sub, in addition to the other three travel modes.

The psychology of transcending limits is foreign to today's educational system. Instead, we have the oppressive regime that imposes imaginary limits without end and creates catastrophe out of whole cloth. Consider it a slavery of the mind, unrelenting, malaise-perpetuating, without end.

What are you going to do?


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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