17 June 2009

Planet Earth's Air Conditioner System Part 2

Over at WUWT, Willis Eschenbach adds to the "Global Air Conditioner" hypothesis in a guest post. Willis provides the image above, which models the planet Earth as a "heat engine." Incoming heat energy from the sun is absorbed, reflected, convected, and circulated in a large number of ways.

Here are Willis' conclusions after a long, detailed line of reasoning:
1. The sun puts out more than enough energy to totally roast the earth. It is kept from doing so by the clouds reflecting about a third of the sun’s energy back to space. As near as we can tell, this system of cloud formation to limit temperature rises has never failed.

2. This reflective shield of clouds forms in the tropics in response to increasing temperature.3. As tropical temperatures continue to rise, the reflective shield is assisted by the formation of independent heat engines called thunderstorms. These cool the surface in a host of ways, move heat aloft, and convert heat to work.

4. Like cumulus clouds, thunderstorms also form in response to increasing temperature.

5. Because they are temperature driven, as tropical temperatures rise, tropical thunderstorms and cumulus production increase. These combine to regulate and limit the temperature rise. When tropical temperatures are cool, tropical skies clear and the earth rapidly warms. But when the tropics heat up, cumulus and cumulonimbus put a limit on the warming. This system keeps the earth within a fairly narrow band of temperatures.

6. The earth’s temperature regulation system is based on the unchanging physics of wind, water, and cloud.

7. This is a reasonable explanation for how the temperature of the earth has stayed so stable (or more recently, bi-stable as glacial and interglacial) for hundreds of millions of years. _WattsUpWithThat
You will need to read the entire posting to understand the conclusions excerpted above.

There is a good reason why climate models are held in such low regard by scientists who understand the complexities involved. If you are on the inside of the scam, however, you may be willing to overlook a few deficiencies in the models for the sake of job advancement and some name recognition. Unfortunately for the scammers, this little play is approaching its expiration date. They have to work very fast or the gig is up.

Planet Earth's Air Conditioner System Part 1

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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