31 May 2009

Life Under Obamacabre: Take What You Can Get

Whether termed "Obamacare" or "Obamacabre", no-choice medical care is apt to turn into something quite monstrous in the US under this president and this congress. When Americans are told they have no choice about something, they tend to rebel. How will they react when the macabre reality of Obama's grand plan for America really sets in? Obamacabre is just the middle of the beginning.
...any even remotely aware consumer of health care services has got to realize that the Democrats are on the verge of a massive destruction of the American medicine delivery system. There are problems in health insurance cost and coverage, but not in the quality of care and the innovation instinct, and the Democrats are going to kill the latter in the fruitless quest for improvements to the former. The "government option" is the biggest threat of all, a thinly digusied lurch to Canada-style single payor with the hidden (and increasingly not-so-hidden) rationing and lousy care that canada provides its people with complex diseases and conditions. _HughHewitt
The US is far more diverse than any of the European and quasi-European countries where universal single-payor medical care has been instituted. Americans are already deeply in debt to Medicare -- "the other single payor medical care." Now Obama promises to "fix Medicare" by expanding the failure to include every American? Good luck with that.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the only way to opt out of Obamacabre were to become a government worker? Government worker pensions allow government workers to bypass the social security system. Government worker health care plans can allow gov workers to bypass Obamacabre.

Of course if you are one of the hundreds of millions of Americans in thrall to the government-media-academia-union-trial lawyer-faux environmentalist complex, you will be saying "there is no problem here."

But if you are one of the dwindling numbers of thinking, well-educated Americans who sees Obamacabre as only one of the monsters being spawned by the nest of the incompetencies currently ensconced along the Potomac River, you may begin to consider the John Galt approach to reforming an untamed government. Or you may consider this.

Apparently the "Tea Party" movement forgot to surrender to government and media scorn, and grassroots individuals continue to protest a regime that is growing into a monstrous reich. July 4, 2009 is apt to be an interesting date in that regard.

Government workers, union bosses, faux environmentalists, community activists, and media flacks are quite happy with what the Obamanation is becoming. But small business owners and other members of the productive class who depend upon a wise and impartial government to take a mostly "hands-off" to the daily workings of a real life economy, are beginning to see storm clouds gathering.

Divisions are deep and growing deeper. When a nation's productive classes are the losers in such a quasi-"civil war", the entire nation loses. The parasites win. If anyone truly believes that Obamacabre, or Obamacare, or any other type of no-choice medical care is going to solve that problem, they deserve their fate.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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