30 January 2009

Miscellaneous Links of Lists of Links .....

I found this list of 100 open courses to learn about the human body from one of my favourite biology blogs, Biosingularity. While looking over the source blog for the list -- www.nursingdegree.net/blog -- I discovered several other interesting lists of links including:

100 best health and nutrition blogs for athletes
Top 100 herbal medicine blogs
Top 50 Eastern Medicine blogs
100 Recipes for delicious easy to make smoothies
100 health and wellness resources for runners
100 free online tools to measure brain fitness
100 best sites and resources for med students
25 top medical search engines
Ultimate guide to yoga 100 blogs, tutorials, resources

I enjoy looking at long lists like you find at Amazon.com and other retailers and information sites. For example, Alexa's top 500 websites worldwide by traffic
There is something mind-expanding about long lists of top resources. Of course it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of available resources on the web, so pace yourselves.


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