07 November 2008

Pig Organs for Transplantation? An Increasingly Muslim Europe Says No!

Under UK and EU rules, his team has been banned from mating and producing offspring from the transgenic pigs. Research in developing transgenic pigs is now likely to move to the US where the regulatory system is more relaxed.
Europe is increasingly controlled by labile Muslim sensibilities. Although Muslim males often behave in pig-like ways toward women, the Islamic culture possesses a "pig phobia" that often verges into violent intolerance. No wonder research into pig organ transplantation has to move to the US. At least until the US Muslim population begins to attain the type of inordinate influence the European Muslim population wields over EU nation polities.

What are the prospects for pig organ tranplants to humans?
The first organs suitable for transplanting, most likely kidneys, are expected to be ready within three years and, if tests are successful, their use could be widespread by 2018...The humanisation process of the organs is expected to be achieved by breeding genes into the pigs, probably by injecting them directly into the parent boar’s testicles, that provoke a greatly reduced response in the patient’s immune system.

Patients who received pig organs would have to take immune suppressant drugs for the rest of their lives, but no more than those who received organ transplants from other people...Pigs are regarded as ideal for animal-to-human transplants, xenotransplantation, and other research because of the similarity in the physiological make-up and because they get many of the same diseases, such as diabetes. _Times
The main use of these pigs is for study as animal models of human diseases. But if the immune profile of pig organs can be made compatible enough with humans for transplantation, that would be an added bonus to this line of research.

Can you imagine transplanting a pig heart into a bigoted Muslim imam or mullah? Like most third world peoples, most Muslims are extremely superstitious. For a Muslim male, the only thing worse than receiving a pig heart transplant would be receiving porcine testicular transplants. Imagine the subsequent behaviour of such a Muslim male!

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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

"Can you imagine transplanting a pig heart into a bigoted Muslim imam or mullah? Like most third world peoples, most Muslims are extremely superstitious."

Yes but many Jews also have problems with pigs heart valves and such and given the attitudes of many Christians in industrial nations towards the idea that cells and blastocysts have souls based on "potential" I can't agree that third worlders are all that much more superstitious than us. We just have more education against our superstitions than they (or we) have against our own. We don't sacrifice goats in celebrations or for atonement but we believe that God let 9-11 happen because we don't suppress atheism and homosexuality and that an autograph or souvenir of a celebrity is somehow important.

But back to the topic, I think it is great to pursue research that religious folk feel the need to opt out of benefiting from and I don't believe in forcing people to accept transplants or transfusion. The more of a selective advantage secularists get from medical science the better. There is some gray areas where kids are concerned but if a person is old enough to have a crime they commit moved to adult court they should be considered old enough to throw their life away because of something a bronze age priest told them that God said.

Since Europeans and Muslims seem to be less uptight about stem cells and Americans are more relaxed about transplants and transgenic research, I would promote a "Jack Sprat" approach. Asians can promote cross disciplinary research.

Friday, 07 November, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

In Miami they have to clean up all the goat and chicken carcasses and blood around the courthouses, from the animal sacrifices.

Expect the same around the White House in Washington DC now. Voodoo, Santaria, etc.

The future of Europe under a Muslim regime is almost too frightful to imagine.

There is a good reason why most third worlders remain third worlders despite globalisation. Runaway superstition is one reason. But the widespread failure of rationality to take hold in the third world has an underlying basis or substrate.

South Africa's current trajectory suggests as much.

Saturday, 08 November, 2008  

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