13 November 2008

California in Steep Decline: Obamanation Future?

In wide regions of the state—from San Diego up through the Central Valley—the only boom is in the foreclosure business.
California has suffered under out-of-control government spending for decades, and is finally on the verge of a rapid collapse. The same type of fantasy ideology that has guided California on its downward path has now gained control of the US government. Wise investors and businessmen will take heed, as will heads of household. How bad is it going to get? Look at California, then extrapolate.
You can blame many factors for California’s fall from grace: too much immigration from poor countries, the impact of global competition on technology and aerospace industries, the end of the Cold War, failing schools...... Yet other states have weathered similar storms and still gained ground on the Golden State.

The real problem lies in the decline of the state’s political culture.

...During [Jerry] Brown’s watch....the Democratic Party came increasingly under the sway of public employees, trial lawyers, and narrow interest activist groups. Their ability to raise money and impose their political will often outweighed that of even the most powerful business interests.

...California’s shift to the Democrats had become inexorable and, with the fading of a GOP counterweight, influence within the party flowed to its more radical factions further to the political left. As a result, the state.... seemed determined to wage war against its own economy. As pet social programs, entitlements, and state employee pensions soared, infrastructure spending...shrank to less than 3 percent.

The educational system, closely aligned with the Democrats in the legislature, accelerated its secular decline. Once full of highly skilled workers, California has become increasingly less so. For example, California ranks second in the percentage of its 65-year-olds holding an associate degree or higher and fifth in those with a bachelor’s degree. But when you look at the 25-to-34 age group, those rankings fade to 30th and 24th.

Instead of reversing these trends, the state legislature decided to spend its money on public employees and impose ever more regulatory burdens on business. _Newgeography_via_Newsalert
And so it continues, despite the current reign of "Republican" Governator, A. Schwarzenegger. The process of devolution in California government has gathered too much momentum for anyone to save the state now. The same process of rapid decay is also found to be accelerating in New York State, Obama's Chicago, Washington DC, Detroit, and other Democratic Party strongholds.

It is easy to see where all this is leading the US, given the recent election results. Whether ACORN inflated Democratic votes artificially or not, it is clear that the majority of the electorate voted in such a way as to encourage big government policies--the same type of policies currently turning California into a fetid sinkhole.

If you want to know what is likely to happen to the US economy under Obama, look at where Obama's big government spending, big taxation, big regulation policies are already in force. Kahl-ee-forn-ya.

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Blogger kurt9 said...

Al Fin,

This is an excellent posting.

The source article is written by Joel Kotkin, who is best characterized as being "soft: or moderate left. I read some of Joel's books in the early to mid 90's and am, therefor, quite familiar with his Shtick.

The most fascinating element of the article is Joel's obvious struggle to accept and to come to grips with the more pernicious aspects of the liberal-left ideology. The personal struggle he has with doing this comes through very strongly in the article in his attempts to portray "progressiveness" as some kind of third way as well as his attempts to disassociate it from what he calls "special interest" liberalism.

Joel's cognitive dissidence is quite spectacular to read.

Thursday, 13 November, 2008  
Blogger Francois said...

Kind of 'Déjà lu'...
I guess that now is the time to ask Who is John Galt ?

Thursday, 13 November, 2008  

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