02 October 2008

Obamanation On Its Knees Before Putin and World

"The natural order of the world is chaos, not calm". When a world hegemon stumbles and grows uncertain of itself, with the dogs nipping at its heels, it cannot deal as well with the multiple crises that always lie in wait. The US, contemplating becoming an Obamanation, is suffering from days of malaise.

The US has seen these days of malaise before, under President Carter. The late 1970s was another time when failed leftist policies loomed above the distant landscape, with no solutions in sight. This time, affirmative action banking has combined with credit default swaps, bad federal reserve policy, excessive federal securitization of loans in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac etc--to create the perfect storm of financial risk and credit collapse.

International markets are being whiplashed by American financial markets--when America catches cold, the world gets pneumonia. And the world is pretty pissed off and looking for a scapegoat to rip apart. And guess what? The developed world has decided that it can safely ignore its "suicide by Kyoto", and self-made political peak oil via policies of carbon hysteria delusions. It thinks it can safely ignore an exploding problem of the Islamisation of Europe, and the jihadization of Islam. The developed world and BRIC believes this is the time to turn like a pack of rabid dogs and attack the US--put the cowboy in its place.

The economic turmoil in American and world markets is severe. But American and world media, as well as most politicians, are ignoring the real underlying causes of the crisis--and ignoring them at their own deadly risk. Without understanding the underlying causes, any solution that is attempted will fail, badly. Which is exactly what will happen with Europe's sudden manic retreat to protectionism, hyper-nationalisation of economies, and a lemming's rush to ultra-regulation of international finance.

The US Congress under Pelosi and Reid are furiously adding pork to the credit bailout plan. When it passes, it will be so loaded with corrupt pig flesh that it will speed the next, more massive credit bubble on its expansive way.

US leftists saw opportunity fade away in 1980 when malaise under Carter led to a renaissance of hope under Reagan. But Carter's seed of destruction was only waiting under the surface for Bill Clinton to give it new life, which he was most willing to do. The only thing left is for Congress to light the fuse on the next credit time bomb.

Oh, and the world must do its piling on in attacking the scapegoat of choice, even if it kills itself doing so. Political power has never trusted freedom in the hands of ordinary people. This is particularly true of the old world powers, but is growing increasingly true of the US Congress and the US government in general. Political entropy appears to be working, even a democracy constrained by a brilliant constitution will eventually devolve into tyranny.

All that remains is to place the leadership of the American Experiment firmly in the control of the people who never liked it or trusted it in the first place. Obamanation on its knees before the world. Nothing would please Putin, the other parasitic tyrants and old world functionaries more.

It may happen. If so, Americans should learn to like eating bugs.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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