03 October 2008

Obamanation: Collapse of American Experiment?

When the US Constitution was arrived at after lengthy discussion, rancour and compromise, few of those present at the birth of the American Experiment in Philadelphia actually believed the republic they had jointly forged would survive for long. They understood that democratic forms of government--even republics with carefully crafted constitutions--were prone to corruption by unscrupulous elected officials pandering to the less admirable instincts of their constituencies.
“A lady asked Dr. [Benjamin] Franklin "Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy?" "A republic" replied the Doctor "if you can keep it."” _Bartleby
Since then, expansion of full rights to women and former slaves made the country stronger and more just. But the inevitable corruption of the initial well-intentioned government structure has also taken place, as Franklin knew it would. These days, independent citizens do not fear monarchies. They fear the rise of dictatorships and oppressive bureaucratic monoliths that choke off the independence of individuals through an infinite proliferation of taxes, regulations, rules, prohibitions, and mandates.

Such mandates and regulations brought the US to its current financial impasse, and nothing in the current pork-filled bailout legislation has corrected the problem--nor will it. The last bubble will merely merge almost seamlessly into the next, much larger bubble. The current leaders of the legislative and executive branches were either unwilling or unable to tackle the underlying corruption that led to this "crisis." And so it continues on an even larger scale.

It is important for readers to understand that this bailout is only a precedent for future bailouts--which will make the current bailout look small. The much more serious problems for the US economy, just over the horizon, involve mandated spending and built-in acceleration of spending for entitlements. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare Programs, Disability Programs, pensions for government workers--and we have not even put BHO's program of socialised medicine in place yet, or his additional $trillion in spending for other promised new programs.
...if Washington really wanted to help Americans (and there is no indication right now that it does) it would, the instant it passes the bail-out bill, get to work not adding more regulations in response to this crisis, but stripping away the destructive ones we created after the last big one.

...A new era - with new rules, new winners and new losers — is coming up on us fast, and we need to get ready for it right now. Our national leaders just had their chance to prove they were prepared for this new era - and they have failed miserably. We now have to look elsewhere for leadership… and quickly. _PJM
But that is the last thing on Washington's mind. No, Washington is rubbing its hands gleefully in anticipation of building on this fortuitous opportunity for corruption. This is but the beginning. Even if McCain is elected, it is only the beginning. But if BHO is elected along with continued DP dominance of the legislative branches, the speed control comes off the machine completely.

I am not pointing out these facts with the intent of persuading Americans to vote one way or another, or to persuade anyone of the truth or importance of what I am saying. My only intent is to communicate to those who have been paying attention, and who want to be prepared for the failure of things they never expected to fail. This bailout, and the way it was carried out, is just a warning, a foretaste. It represents the beginning of an unraveling--something many people have been watching for.

The unraveling will now continue--given the lack of leadership in Washington--but the speed of the unraveling will depend upon who is in charge, as of late January 2009. With a McCain/Palin administration, precautions might be taken so that the economic and governmental system could conceivably hold together in roughly its present shape for a number of decades. But under an Obamanation, assuming continuing Pelosi/Reid calibre governance from the legislature, things could easily unravel within a period of a single decade.

Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" was not a literary masterpiece, nor was it a realistic portrayal of how a "shadow society" might grow up to displace monstrously corrupt and out of control government. But it certainly is food for thought, for those who have never actually given it any thought.

When Cuba fell to Castro, the movers and shakers of the country fled to Florida. As Chavez became more dictatorial, competent and affluent Venezuelans progressively moved to freer countries. The same process occurs whenever and wherever productive classes are pressed beyond their tolerances. Have you ever wondered where these people will go, when there is no longer any place left to go? There is an answer.

This is not a prediction of Obamageddon or Obamapocalypse. Think of it instead as a type of "storm warning." If you know the storm is coming, you can take appropriate precaustions. By now, you should know the storm is coming. To know when it will hit, you need to pay close attention from now on.

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Blogger kurt9 said...

Food for thought, indeed.

A little known fact for most people is that Shanghai has been the home for a community of "white" Russians since the 1918 revolution. This community of white Russians has been pretty much left alone to mind its own business by the Chinese and invaders (European colonialists, Japanese) through out what has been a very turbulent 20th century. There has also been a Jewish community in Shanghai since the 1930's as well.

Singapore is a well-run city-state. They are somewhat obsessive in the social-engineering area. However, they have a well-run government (minimal corruption), reasonable tax rates, and a pro-free market orientation. Of course, real estate is limited and is rather expensive, Singapore is a city-state, after all.

Taiwan in worth thinking about as well. Taiwan has low tax rates and relatively little regulation. They do no social engineering. They do, however, have a rather corrupt government. However, their government corruption is focused mainly on government contracts (Shinkansen, highways, nuclear power plants) and does not spill over into regular commercial markets.

Al Fin, I know you do not think much of the Chinese and, especially, the ChiComs. I do not like the ChiComs either. However, China does seem to be making many right moves these days, even as the West seems to be making some bad moves. Also, consider that the Chinese are natural born entrepreneurs.

I think what you are looking for are places that meet the following specifications:

1) Low tax rates (10-15%), minimal government regulation of business and economics.
2) A competent population of respectable cognitive capability that is largely self-reliant, does not expect hand-outs from the government when the going gets tough
3) Government's finances are in good order. No deficit financing. Minimal corruption. What corruption that does exist does not impact commercial economy
4) Ability to travel easily to other parts of the world - both business and pleasure.
5) Minimal regulation of medicine. Alternative medicine is accepted. Little or no restrictions on vitamins and nutritional supplements. No "push-back" on development of regenerative medicine or other anti-aging medicine
6) Optional - a place with nice weather

Saturday, 04 October, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

No, if the US military comes under the control of people who want to stay on the good side of Putin, Ahmedinejad, Chavez, and the other tyrants, no place in the world will be a safe haven.

Europeans and others who hate the US do not understand what they wish for, when they hope for Obamanation. They have been living in a dream state for over half a century. When they wake up it will be too late.

The US has a chance to survive Obamanation, but only if a type of resistance can form to the creeping erosion of freedoms which would accompany the hollow man and his coterie.

Sunday, 05 October, 2008  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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