15 October 2008

Many European Cities are Already 25% Muslim

A total of fifty-four million Muslims now live in Europe. San Diego University recently calculated that a staggering 25 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim just 12 years from now. Bernhard Lewis has predicted a Muslim majority by the end of this century.
Dutch politician Geert Wilders spoke to a group in NYC a few weeks ago. These are a few of his thoughts on that occasion.
Muslim demands are supported by unlawful behaviour, ranging from petty crimes and random violence, for example against ambulance workers and bus drivers, to small-scale riots. Paris has seen its uprising in the low-income suburbs, the banlieus. Some prefer to see these as isolated incidents, but I call it a Muslim intifada. I call the perpetrators “settlers”. Because that is what they are. They do not come to integrate into our societies, they come to integrate our society into their Dar-al-Islam. Therefore, they are settlers.

Much of this street violence I mentioned is directed exclusively against non-Muslims, forcing many native people to leave their neighbourhoods, their cities, their countries.

Politicians shy away from taking a stand against this creeping sharia. They believe in the equality of all cultures. Moreover, on a mundane level, Muslims are now a swing vote not to be ignored. _Wilders
The politically correct thing to do is to deny that the exploding Muslim populations of Europe are unassimilable, untrainable, perpetually dependent on government welfare and a drain on the treasury of the host country. The reality is quite different from the PC talking points. Muslim settlers in Europe are building ever-growing neighborhoods of endemic violent crime, disorder, religious and ethnic intolerance, and an impoverishment of life too profound to describe with words. But such broad spectrum physical and spiritual impoverishment would be familiar to anyone who has visited the Gaza Strip, the Hezbollah dominated areas of southern Lebanon, or the Iran of the mullahs.

The current economic problems of world markets have not been kind to Europe. The fracture lines in the European Union have never been so clear as when member nations were asked to unite to prop up European banks--and refused. Is Europe dying?
...the population of Europe is not just declining but ageing, too. Across the Continent, retirees are heavily dependent on state pensions for their income, and this is predominantly structured along the lines of PAYG–Pay As You Go–ie. workers transfer a portion of their income across a generation via the pension system to retirees. This proportion, (the ‘contribution rate’) is critically dependent on the ratio of pensioners to workers, a ratio that is becoming progressively less favourable as the army of retirees continues to swell while the size of the workforce shrinks. Workers and their employers will only accept increasing contribution rates up to a certain pain threshold, above which it becomes too expensive to hire workers, while those in employment find their take-home pay substantially eroded. In Germany, companies are moving production overseas. In Eastern Europe, workers are voting with their feet by joining the black economy, where they pay no taxes or contributions, putting even greater pressure on the contribution rates of their law-abiding fellows until there is a general revolt and the state pension system goes bust.

There is another aspect to ageing. Older generally means iller, so as the population ages, the need for medical care and sheltered accommodation increases relentlessly ... at a time when the size of the workforce on whom they will depend for nursing and homecare will be in decline. The result? Soaring state health costs to add to soaring state pension costs. Governments are therefore faced with a dilemma–whether to maintain present levels of these services and benefits at the cost of sharply rising tax and social security contributions, or to cut them sharply. _Source
Most European governments do not have the option to cut services and benefits. The political costs would be too high. So Europe is doomed to a creeping economic erosion due to its inability to sustain its own populations.

Of course, the Singularity may happen before the great collapse of Europe. But if Americans choose Obamanation, the Singularity is apt to recede into the distance due to a re-routing of scarce resources to pay for carbon cap and trade, and other misbegotten economic and energy policies of the Obamalution. Not Obamageddon or Obamapocalypse. Just creeping incompetence and anti-meritocracy. Permanent ideological warfare against market economics leading to long term depressed markets and economies.

That will be bad enough for America, but for those parts of the world that have been heavily dependent upon America for their export markets, for the guarantee of world trade routes, for the defense umbrella, for the seemingly never-ending flow of scientific and technological innovations . . . . . When America retreats into itself, the scornful and contemptuous nations of the world will wonder what happened to their smug and complacent world, once so predictable.

Time for change? Believe it.

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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

"Many European Cities are Already 25% Muslim"

Yeah, but not the good ones. Islam is dying and will not win the fight for survival. Satellite TV (even regional forms), the Internet, tourism, movies, religious and political propaganda, etc. will corrode Islamic culture.

Thursday, 16 October, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Modernity is like a poisonous gas that poison the muslim world every day, all days, without pause.
It will not kill it very fast, but it will kill it for sure. There is no way to avoid to breath it.

The muslims is the european city are the bottom of the society; they are the black of Europe, always on the bottom, alway surpassed by the other groups.

In many european countries, there are muslims by decades, but they are surpassed by East european communities, by Sud American communities, chinese, and so on. The only group in a worse situation are the african black, mainly the african black muslims.

The muslims are too often on the welfare, doing low skilled jobs or in the criminality. The only way, for the muslim, to conquer Europe, is to be able to take the control of it in a very, very short time frame, using the violence. Say weeks. Anything longer would give europeans the time to react, resisting and return the favor.

Also the financial crisys is not a big problem, it is a big opportunity. It will reduce the welfare funds, so people will start to complain and will start to put in question why we must pay for multicultis follies.

Here, in Italy, the Lega Nord is gaining over the 10% nationally, with 30% only in Veneto. They are very federalistic, law and order and against mass immigration, mainly from muslim countries. They are for a strong assimilation policy for the immigrants and for send the unassimilated to their countries.

Sunday, 19 October, 2008  

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