08 October 2008

Legal Discrimination in Law School Admissions?

Three large US law schools have recently been accused of discriminating against white applicants on the basis of their race. Here is more information:
Linda Chavez noted that the odds ratio favoring African Americans over whites was 442 to 1. She pointed out, “During the two years studied (the entering classes of 2006 and 2007), 389 whites were rejected by the law school despite higher LSATs and undergraduate GPAs than the average black admittee....”

Roger Clegg stressed that not only was race weighed, but it was weighed much more heavily than residency status: “For instance, a white resident of Nebraska in 2007 was more than twenty times less likely to be admitted than an African American applicant from out of state.” _CEO
Similar discrimination against white applicants was seen at the University of Arizona Law School and at the law school for Arizona State University.
...the odds ratio favoring African Americans over whites was 250 to 1 at the University of Arizona and 1115 to 1 at Arizona State. “As a result, nearly a thousand white students during the years we studied were denied admission even though they had higher undergraduate GPAs and LSATs than the average African American student who was admitted--and over a hundred Asian and Latino students were in the same boat with them.”

....“For instance, a white Arizonan in 2007 was about eight times less likely to be admitted to the University of Arizona than a black out-of-state applicant, and at Arizona State he would be twelve times less likely to be admitted.” __CEO
I wonder if professors and administrators at these law schools would want to have these less qualified students defending them on an important matter before a court?

This type of legalised discrimination would have shamed Martin Luther King and other early civil rights leaders. The message of such special preferences and racial biases to young people is "it's okay to discriminate against some races, but not others." That is a corrupt message which is diametrically opposed to constitutional principles.

More than one prominent media figure has predicted civil disorder if Obama is not elected president of the US. Entitlement mentality too easily becomes a permanent crutch, creating crippling dependencies in the persons who systematically receive special preferences and benefit from discrimination on the basis of race. You should expect this type of legal discrimination to mushroom under an Obamanation.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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