10 October 2008

Arab World Afflicted by Genetic Inbreeding

Up to half of all Emirati marriages are between relatives, with 54 per cent of married couples in Al Ain being relatives, compared to 32 per cent in Abu Dhabi and 40 per cent in Dubai.

Saudi Arabia, has perhaps the highest rate of intermarriage, with up to two thirds of all marriages occurring between relatives.
One of the costs of the type of close inbreeding that is common in the Arab and Muslim worlds, is genetic disease. Arabs and Muslims often inbreed due to tribal and clannish distrust of outsiders. Western medical and civil authorities need to understand that when such third-world peoples move to the first world, they often bring such dysfunctional customs with them.
Saudi Arabia has the highest rate of birth defects in the Gulf, with around 80 babies out of every 1,000 born with a disorder.

In the UAE, Kuwait and Oman, 70 to 79 children in every 1,000 are born with a birth defect.

Sudan has the highest rate in the world at 82 per 1,000, while France has the world’s lowest rate, at 39 per 1,000.

Birth defects have been closely linked to marriages between cousins and relatives, a common practice throughout the region and estimated to account for 35 to 50 per cent of all weddings.

Such traditions can increase the number of carriers of recessive genes, leading to higher rates of birth defects. Selective and environmental factors, including a lack of public awareness about how to prevent such conditions, also compound the problem.

Autosomal recessive disorders, in which two copies of the gene must mutate for a person to be affected, form an overwhelming proportion of genetic disorders in Arab patients in the UAE, according to CAGS, which says high rates of marriage between relatives are a leading contributor to the condition.

An affected person usually has unaffected parents who both carry a mutated gene. _CBT
Arab and Muslim countries typically lack the type of scientific and biomedical infrastructure to deal with problems that a backward culture creates.

The dysfunctionality of third world customs tend to add synergistically with western dysfunctionalities--unfortunately--when third world muslims migrate to more modern western nations. This is why one is seeing problems of growing numbers of clannish third world street gangs within European cities, inflating crime statistics and reducing overall trust and safety within the society. European prisons are filling with these dysfunctional products of a backward culture, as European health care systems begin to feel the brunt.

US President Bush believed at one time that it was possible to bring the modern world to the Arab world, so that perhaps the worst parts of the Arab world would not come to the modern world. I wonder if he still believes in that optimistic idea?

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Blogger Steve said...


the same applies to the Pakistani-origin population in the UK. They consequently suffer approximately ten times as much genetic disorder as the general population, and receive a disproportionate level of sick benefit. There was an investigation of this, and a nascent campaign against cousin marriage, but in the aftermath of the 2005 London attacks, the subject was quietly dropped as a manifestation of 'Islamophobia'.
It is difficult to know what can be done now that moves are under way to enable muslims here to settle disputes with sharia law. The mentality of those who form opinion here seems completely divorced from reality. They consider only with extreme reluctance any problem with the multi-culture they have proudly created, and refuse to take any but the most timid steps to deal with those they do recognise.
The social fabric has broken down to such an extent that I have thought for some years that it would only take some economic hard times to see some really big trouble. Now it looks like we might find out if I'm right.

Saturday, 11 October, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

UK authorities are wimps in the face of third world militants. Neville Chamberlain lives!

It's more of a tribal phenomenon than a religious one, but tribal people such as arabs are prominent in Islam. Third worlders have lower average IQs, have self-destructive customs, are wildly militant when Muslim, and procreate to beat the band.

It's the coming Idiocracy, but far less gentle than the one portrayed in the film.

Saturday, 11 October, 2008  

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