13 September 2008

Sarah Palin Offers US Women Hope and Change That the US Media Is Trying to Destroy

Sarah Palin keeps collecting admirers. Her interview with ABC News Charles Gibson has added another legion, and that number is growing as the recognition spreads that the editing done to the interview was deeply deceptive of its overall impression --even stronger than what came through on the broadcast version--and that Gibson unfairly mangled a quote of hers. Media elites are clucking that Palin didn't instantly define the "Bush Doctrine" to the level of detail demanded by (their) judges, but another vast audience watched another attempt to diminish her and has responded with an even greater enthusiasm for the Alaska governor.
The ABC News editors who left critical parts of Sarah Palin's interview responses on the clipping room floor knew exactly what they were doing. And now that the American public knows exactly what they are doing large parts of them are becoming hopping mad--especially the women.
Manhattan-Beltway media elites are very slow to recognize anything completely new. This is why prior to 9/11 they were in the dark about Islamist extremism. It is why prior to $4 a gallon gas, they had never anticipated a huge majority of Americans would demand offshore drilling.

And it is why they still don't understand the Palin Breakout....Since the day John McCain selected Palin as his running mate, I have spoken with only women callers to my radio show. For the past week I have limited callers to those who are calling a radio show for the very first time. All the lines have been filled every hour of every day. Caller after caller wants to discuss their affection for Sarah, their willingness to work for her and contribute to the RNC and to share stories of like-minded women in their families and among their friends.

Each new attack on Palin brings increased enthusiasm for her. _HH
As noted here previously, roughly 90% of the US mainstream media is out to shoot Sarah Palin down like a mad dog in the street. They consider it their job to destroy a competent female executive of an American state, in order to make sure that their preferred candidate is elected. The American public has seen this type of dishonesty before (fake but accurate), and is growing increasingly cynical and angry toward the media as a result. The problem of corrupt media manipulation of the news is getting worse, and will lead to a very unhappy end for that same corrupt media.

Whatever the media hopes to gain by skewing news coverage, in the case of Sarah Palin, they are only helping to grow Sarah's army of female supporters.

More on biased news coverage here and here.


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Blogger Ugh said...

I watched some of the Palin/Gibson interview and came away a little disappointed. No, I was not disappointed by Gibson's performance, he was a perfect ass. Why would Palin let him be perched above her, looking down his nose like an arrogant professor interviewing a student he fully intended to give a failing grade? What bothered me was that it was clear that she had been coached by McCain's team. Some of her answers were not hers, but McCain campaign slogans. While it is understandable that they try to portray a united front it misses the point of what she brings to the ticket... She augments his conservative side and should not be made into a policy clone.

Believe me I am thrilled she is on the ticket and I believe she can and will be a force in American politics - but she needs to be herself.

(I am saying this knowing full well I have not seen what fell on the cutting room floor.)

Monday, 15 September, 2008  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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