17 September 2008

Financially Troubled Russia Flexes Military Muscle

Russia has decided to officially and unilaterally seize huge portions of the Arctic for Russian posterity. This is in keeping with Tsar Vlad's following of the Hitler Doctrine of Lebensraum, initiated by the invasion and ethnic cleansing of "Sudetenland" Georgia.
"We must finalise and adopt a federal law on the southern border of Russia's Arctic zone," Mr Medvedev told a meeting of the Security Council, in remarks carried by Interfax news agency.

"This is our responsibility, and simply our direct duty, to our descendents," he said. "We must surely, and for the long-term future, secure Russia's interests in the Arctic."

...."This region has strategic significant for us. Its development is directly tied to solving the long-term tasks of the state and its competitiveness on global markets," Medvedev said.

Russia's leaders have not held back on stoking issues sure to rile the West in recent days, despite a drastic drop in its markets, fuelled by the global credit crisis and compounded by loss of investor confidence in Russia after its war with Georgia.

Medvedev's statements on the heated Arctic issue came one day after Putin said that Russia's defence spending would rise 27 per cent next year to nearly $100 billion (£30 million). _Telegraph
And of course, Russia's close participation with the militaries of western hemisphere state sponsors of terrorism Venezuela and Cuba suggest that Russia's expansionary neo-imperialist inclinations stretch beyond the Arctic and the Eastern Hemisphere, well westward. In fact, Russia's decision to build ballistic missile launch facilities in Cuba suggests a strong bid by Tsar Vlad to revisit the 1960's Cuban missile crisis on the way to flirting with nuclear war.

But what is this "posterity" that Russian neo-imperialists are thinking of, when they make bold plans to occupy the Ukraine, Poland, the Arctic, and Latin America? Where is the future population of Russia that will be occupying all of this lebensraum? It is a disingenuous figment of the Tsar's imagination.

The thug-leadership of Russia only wants to strip Russia--and anywhere else in the world it can get its hands on--of its wealth, and stash it away in personal offshore bank accounts. Russian banks and financial institutions are not suitable places for wealth sequestration, for those who understand best how thoroughly they are being gutted by Russian leaders.

Russia's Tsar Vlad is burning his candles at both ends--and perhaps also in the middle. The part of the world that is paying attention might well wonder what type of disaster Vlad is cooking up.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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