30 September 2008

Europe is a Teenage Tour Guide, Laughing at Graves, His Back Turned to the Threat

The blogger Frank Martin has written about a teenage tour guide at a World War II battlefield in the Netherlands who told him that the Allied soldiers who fell there had been “fighting for bridges, how silly that they would all fight for something like that.” Somebody like that boy, who didn’t grasp that those soldiers had died for the very freedom that he had taken for granted his whole life, is incapable of standing up for freedom against Islamofascism....Europe’s cultural elites are dominated by people who seem likely to continue to smile upon Islamization right up till the moment they’re stoned to death. _Bawer
The western world appears to be racing itself to the abyss. In both Europe and North America, uncontrolled political correctness and affirmative action fixation have taken over the media, government, and the academic establishments. Denial of harsh reality has become official policy. This is suicide, and countries in both Europe and North America have committed to it--each in its own way.

The current "economic crisis" on Wall Street is a political crisis that was made in Washington DC, as recent postings here illustrate. While Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid dance around the bonfire--hurling effigies of their political enemies into the flames--the underlying problem causing the crisis continues with their blessing. Any legislation bearing their stamp of approval is certain to make things worse.

Meanwhile, the real problems of an imminent (political peak oil) shortage of energy, an economy hamstrung by taxes and government regulation, and the relentless growth of a stifling government bureaucracy, will continue to be cultivated by elected officials in Washington DC. The freedoms of the people shrink as the size of their government grows. Most Americans knew this instinctively before the indoctrinators and "dumbers down" took over government schooling, and university level academia. But now, Americans are nearly as clueless about the facts of liberty as most Europeans. Hence the race to the bottom between countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

Is it too late for a crash course in the "mainspring of human progress (PDF 278 pp) ?"

If it is too late in this election cycle, the need may arise for the rapid rigging of a "parallel society" that assists members with important goals and objectives that those in the mainstream rely upon monster governments for. More on that topic only if necessary.


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Blogger Loren said...

I'd like to hear more about that. I've thought for a while that a black market would spring up eventually for the exchange of goods that the controllers don't like. This "parallel economy" would pretty much have to happen for a parallel society, whether before or after.

You can give that explanation in e-mail if you prefer.

Tuesday, 30 September, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Think of it as an extended clan of unrelated individuals sharing certain goals and ideals. Competence and maturity are crucial.

Think of a group living in the heart of New Orleans during the worst of Katrina, functioning well without the assistance of local, state, or federal agencies--and able to do so virtually indefinitely.

Unfortunately, signs point to rapidly growing dysfunctionality in the government sector. Government cannot do what it promises, to help, and is also making it harder for citizens to do for themselves.

How would you live in a Zimbabwe, but on a larger scale? How would intelligent people deal with such a corrupt and intrusive government, as its components slammed into place around them?

Wednesday, 01 October, 2008  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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