14 September 2008

America Leaves Europe as Russia Moves In

After over 50 years spent pacifying the warring tribes of Europe, the US 7th Army is making itself a deployable unit--ready to go anywhere in the world. Europe will be left to defend itself, if it deigns to do so.
After spending over half a century years in Europe, the headquarters of the U.S. 7th Army headquarters is reorganizing as a deployable unit (meaning it can be ordered to another part of the world to supervise major military operations.)....During the Cold War, there were over 300,000 U.S. troops in Western Europe, now it's about 40,000, and headed for 33,000 in five years. And if there's a crises somewhere else on the planet, there won't even be an army headquarters there to command what's left of American forces. _StrategyPage
Just as Tsar Vladimir of Russia is testing his neo-imperialist ambitions, too! It should prove fascinating to watch how the EU manages this new threat on its eastern borders.
Some EU members believe that more consideration should be given to Russia's special circumstances as a former superpower still adjusting to the loss of a contiguous empire, arguing that the West should exercise caution in its activities in Russia's neighborhood, including offering premature prospects for joining an alliance that does not include Russia. _tagesspiegel
Yes, Russia certainly suffers from special circumstances. Very much like the bratty three year old child whose only behavioural strategy is a temper tantrum. "Such a very special child, you simply must try harder to understand him!"

Of course, lacking any credible form of self-defense, Europe is reduced to appeasement as its foremost strategy toward a newly belligerent Russia. There is a term to describe such behaviour: surrender monkey. A state of mind where surrender and appeasement are the policy of first, intermediate, and last resort.

Europe has been allowed to take a 50-something year vacation from history, thanks to its despised trans-Atlantic multiple rescuer and enabler. Now, Europe, you demographically shrinking, culturally crumbling, indefensible shirker: who will come to your aid should the signs turn ominous beyond all denial? Who, indeed?

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Blogger neil craig said...

Whatever you think of Russia's actions in Georgia it was much more finessed than a temper tantrum. Having prevented a genocidal attack, launched with the tacit support of the US & smashed the rotten Georgian army they declined to occupy the whole country & carefully failed to destroy the western oil pipeline, something very easy to do.

The only childish behaviour was by Saakashvelli & his Pentagon advisers.

Monday, 15 September, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Interesting, but undocumented claims. One of the reasons for comment moderation is the failure of commenters to provide credible documentation for their claims. There are enough forums for uninformed childish "flame wars" already. There is no need to spread the pollution indiscriminately.

Monday, 15 September, 2008  

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