24 September 2008

350,000 New US Jobs from Nuclear Revival

Across the developed world, supplies of electric energy are threatened by high fossil fuel costs and absurd carbon regulations spawned by Kyoto. Coincidentally, nuclear energy produces abundant, clean electric power in quantities suitable for large population centers, but is vastly under-utilised due to absurd environmental restrictions. Simultaneously, over a million jobs are being threatened with loss in industrial sectors where carbon dioxide is produced--threatened by carbon regulations. Coincidentally, large numbers of jobs would be created by a resurgent nuclear industry, which would also save civilisation by preventing the lights from going out.
"Without the substantal program of new investment," the report says, "the capacity of the US nuclear energy industry will dwindle to zero by 2050. The specific jobs and associated value-added and tax benefits that industry would support will also be lost."

According to the report, a large proportion of the jobs that would be supported by the nuclear investment program are manufacturing jobs in the production of the capital goods necessary to support the nuclear energy industry. "These are high-tech, high-value-added jobs that reflect high spending on R&D and fixed investment: jobs that the US economy can ill afford to lose." It adds, "Alternative ways of meeting US electricity generation needs would be unlikely to create so many high-value-added manufacturing jobs."

The US states expected to gain the most new jobs from a possible nuclear build program are:

* South Carolina (50,800)
* Texas (47,100)
* Illinois (43,400)
* Florida (29,300)
* California (22,100)
* Pennsylvania (21,500)
* New York (20,800)
* North Carolina (20,700)
* Ohio (20,600)
* Maryland (17,900)
* Arizona (17,300)
* Georgia (15,200)
Unfortunately, we have a US Congress dominated by corrupt US Democratic Party legislators including Barak Obama and Joseph Biden, who stand opposed to any meaningful expansion of energy production in the US. Apparently, the DNC "talking points" to its corrupt legislators involves energy starvation for the US. Electing the Obama/Biden administration would seal the deal for the ideologically driven energy-starvationists.

More information on what drives today's US Democratic Party at Dieoff.org, and the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

There is no shortage of potential energy sources. There is only a shortage of human ingenuity, human initiative, human leadership, and human vision. The US Congress is the bottleneck. Stop rewarding them for destroying the country.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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