31 July 2008

The UN's IPCC: More Inbred Than an Appallachian Hog Holler Cousin Orgy

Moonshine is the drink of choice at IPCC gatherings such as the upcoming meeting in Hawaii--where everyone knows everyone else. Moonshine soothes frayed tempers, and cannot confound your global warming model like too-variable sunshine might. Something to remember when choosing the drinks for late night closed curtain meetings of the closed cabal of climate.
This small community of climate scientists is controlling the agenda with respect to the assessment of climate change. This is an oligarchy....Without new scientists leading the IPCC process as LAs and CLAs, the next IPCC report is doomed to continue to be completed by an oligarchy that is using its privileged position to advocate for a particular perspective on the role of humans within the climate system [the third hypothesis above]. The next IPCC report will not be a balanced assessment, but continue to be policy advocacy in the guise of a scientific framework. _ClimateScience
The Climate Science article linked above is discussing an upcoming meeting at a remote location of the inner circle of climate hell modeling. These cloistered connoisseurs of catastrophe are meeting far from prying eyes in order to get their climate ducks in a row before presenting further prognostications to the increasingly skeptical public.

Why is the public increasingly skeptical, you ask? For many reasons.

  1. The oceans appear to be cooling instead of warming.
  2. Satellite temperature readings indicate global warming stopped ten years ago.
  3. The "greenhouse signature" in the tropical atmosphere is missing (PDF).
  4. Ice cover in Antarctica is growing, and even arctic sea ice appears to be contradicting the wildly alarmist predictions made pre-summer.
  5. An American Physical Society publication has opened their presses to a genuine climate debate.
  6. Both the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation appear to have shifted (PDF)to a cooler phase.
  7. The Sun's surprisingly extended quiet period between cycle 23 and cycle 24 is causing considerable questioning of the expertise of NASA solar physicists. Debate over the sun's effect on climate is heating up.
And there are more reasons besides those few. The iconic leaders of climate catastrophe are being hounded by careful auditors of the scientific method to provide their data! Weasels such as James Hansen, Phil Jones, Michael Mann, etc. are hiding their data away from the prying eyes of science auditors. What are they afraid of?

The secretive oligarchy will be huddled together on the balmy Hawaiian Isles, attempting to get their stories straight concerning these and many other issues that are keeping the warlords of weather awake at night. It is a crisis for the oligarchy, a possible tipping point.

Stay tuned.

H/T Icecap

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah can hear them banjo pikn's from here.

Duh dee dee dee deeeeeeee

Thursday, 31 July, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Cousin Fred Bob? I thought that was you! Have another slug of shine on me.

Sunday, 03 August, 2008  

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