20 June 2008

No Legs to Run: How "Runaway" Global Warming Lost Its Legs and Was Stopped Cold

Scientists are puzzled as to why the oceans and atmosphere of Earth have stopped warming. Theories run from the cosmic (cosmic rays) to the solar (sunspot cycles) to the subterranean (volcanic aerosols). One of the most interesting theories in the running, in my opinion, is the Miskolczi theory of The Saturated Greenhouse Effect.
A very interesting theory of global warming proposed by the Hungarian mathematician Ferenc Miskolczi contains a simple proof that the greenhouse effect is bound to a fixed value and cannot ‘runaway’, or even increase. __Follow the argument at the Source
Water is the most important greenhouse gas in Earth's atmosphere by far. Science has been very slow to understand the various roles of liquid water, water vapour, and various types of clouds in the regulation of Earth's climate.
There is a near infinite supply of greenhouse gases available to the atmosphere in the form of water vapor from the ocean to provide the greenhouse effect, but the relative humidity in the atmosphere is much less than one. Therefore, there must be some greenhouse equilibrium mechanism to control, the strength of the greenhouse effect and the relative humidity. Otherwise, climate would be very unstable. The global average relative humidity at the surface is about 78%. It generally decreases with altitude and is about 37% at an altitude where the atmospheric pressure is 300 millibars (mb). Relative humidity is the fraction of water vapour in a small parcel of air relative to the total amount of water vapour the air could contain at the given temperature and pressure. So why isn’t the relative humidity 90%, or vary randomly? Relative humidity is at its current value because it is controlled by the laws of physics. __Source
In order to understand the Miskolczi theory, and how important it may prove to be in the ultimate outcome of the climate debate, you must spend some time with the various links I have provided. Anthony Watts recently took a look at this issue, and it is likely that the topic will spread like wildfire once more people start to catch on to the implications.

Be sure to check out this series of articles by David Stockwell, and this technical proof of Miskolczi's theory.


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