16 June 2008

Dry-Clean at Home Clothes Washer Uses Just 1 Cup of Water per Load

That's right. To clean a washer load of dirty, sweaty, grimy clothes will use only one cup of water.
Billions of gallons of clean water could be conserved every year simply by adopting this dry cleaning technology. Less water also means less drying, which can add energy savings to those with energy-hungry clothes dryers.

The process uses plastic granules, which tumble with your laundry and a little water and detergent. The plastic absorbs the dirt or grit and can be reused for up to six months. __CleanTechnica
More information and links at the source above.

With environmental emphasis moving from "global warming" to the need for clean water and water-saving technologies, you can imagine the demand for this type of machine--particularly in water-parched third world countries such as California. (pronounced: Caw-lee-forn-ya.)


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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

It sounds like a great idea and while I feel that I should be skeptical that that small amount of water can do the job, they do claim to have done the "tests, carried out according to worldwide industry protocols to prove the technology performs to the high standards expected in the cleaning industry".

I don't know which is more important, the reduction in drying time or the massive water savings but it sounds pretty incredible.

Monday, 16 June, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Incredible, oui. Remember the posting about titanium dioxide that eats wine stains and other organic matter from cloth fibers? Imagine what nanotech can do the "brave new clothing" in the absence of water.

Monday, 16 June, 2008  

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