14 June 2008

Amphibious Sport Aircraft Folds for Trailer

Store this sport plane in your home garage, and trailer it to the water or runway for launch. This new plane is made by Icon Aircraft, and plans to start deliveries this year. US $ 139,000.00
The A5 belongs to the FAA’s new “light-sport aircraft” class, whose planes don’t have to go through the same lengthy certification process that discourages bold design in larger planes...You can fly the A5 with a simple sport-pilot certification, which requires half the training time of a standard license. A cockpit designed with input from carmakers such as Nissan has minimal instrumentation and a GPS navigation system, making the plane easier to pilot.

The wings are designed to minimize the danger of stalling, where they lose lift because the plane is traveling too slowly or its nose is pointed up too high. With the A5, stalling occurs gradually, providing plenty of warning for the pilot. __PopSci
It runs on unleaded gasoline, and has the cockpit design of a sports car. Seastead dwellers will find it the perfect vehicle for visiting friends on neighboring seasteads. Or you can move to that offshore island you've had your eye on, and commute to work by plane.

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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

The water landing ability would really increase the value of the craft. Even those who could not afford one themselves but who lived in remote rural communities where lakes far outnumber roads or where many people are distributed among small islands could benefit from increased transportation links.

Saturday, 14 June, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Yep. They would be good for mail runs to villages along rivers and lakes. Also NGOs, medical personnel, missionaries, Peace Corps, disaster relief, etc. could use them to get to very isolated people who lived close to fairly flat water.

They would not be good for the open ocean unless you had a good breakwater to create a takeoff / landing space. Seasteads of any size would have their own breakwaters for boat harbours and amphibious craft.

Many tropical islands have barrier reefs and atolls that serve as breakwaters.

Sunday, 15 June, 2008  

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