17 May 2008

Oynklent Green Adds Trial Lawyers to Official List of Approved Feedstocks

Oynklent Green [OTC:OYNK] has recently completed a study of tort reform in the US state of Mississippi, and concluded that trial lawyers can safely be added to its official list of approved feedstocks for thermochemical bio-energy production. Trial lawyers will be accepted as feedstock alongside corrupt politicians.
The law that eventually passed was every trial lawyers' worst nightmare...Almost overnight, the flow of lawsuits began to dry up and businesses started to trickle in. Federal Express invested $1 billion in a new facility in the state. Toyota chose Mississippi over about a dozen other states for a new $1.2 billion, 2,000-worker auto plant...Since the law took effect, the number of medical malpractice lawsuits has fallen by nearly 90%, which in turn has cut malpractice insurance costs by 30% to 45%, depending on the county.

...The Pacific Research Institute estimates that the tort system nationwide costs the economy about $7,000 for every family in America. The pols in Washington are sending out tax-rebate checks of up to $1,200 for married couples in hopes of stimulating the economy. But outside of Mississippi and a few other places, there seems to be little understanding of how frivolous lawsuits and greedy tort lawyers weigh down the economy....Thanks to Mr. Barbour, the state's unemployment rate is down to about 6% from nearly 9%. Last year, Mississippi's per capita income growth was 6.7%, third highest of the 50 states and well above the national average of 5.2%. Mississippi tort reform is making the poor richer, and the rich lawyers less fabulously rich. __WSJ__via__LibLeanings
Oynklent officials have concluded that trial lawyers represent an enormous liability to the welfare of any state, province, or nation. By using trial lawyers as feedstock for thermochemical bio-energy production, Oynklent Green will not only be providing a useful product to the community--energy--but it will also be removing a destructive and parasitic influence.

At this time, the two officially approved feedstocks for the Oynklent Green thermochemical bio-energy process are corrupt politicians and trial lawyers. Oynklent officials continue their vigilence in the search for viable bio-energy feedstock that will not drive the price of food higher. It certainly appears that they have chosen well, and that quality of life for everyone should begin to go up as soon as OG goes into full production mode.

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