29 February 2008

First Trillion Dollar Company? Synth-Bio

Yesterday we discussed trillion dollar ($Trillion) industries, and from which industry the first $Trillion company may come from. Consider the goal of Craig Venter's synth-bio research: to replace the entire petrochemical industry! According to Fortune, Venter's company would easily be a $Trillion company if it fulfills Venter's promise.
Geneticist Craig Venter disclosed his potentially world-changing "fourth-generation fuel" project at an elite Technology, Entertainment and Design conference in Monterey, California.

"We have modest goals of replacing the whole petrochemical industry and becoming a major source of energy," Venter told an audience that included global warming fighter Al Gore and Google co-founder Larry Page.

"We think we will have fourth-generation fuels in about 18 months, with CO2 as the fuel stock."

Simple organisms can be genetically re-engineered to produce vaccines or octane-based fuels as waste, according to Venter.

Biofuel alternatives to oil are third-generation. The next step is life forms that feed on CO2 and give off fuel such as methane gas as waste, according to Venter.

"We have 20 million genes which I call the design components of the future," Venter said. "We are limited here only by our imagination."___Source_via_NextEnergy
The problem with creating a $Trillion company is that there will likely be a lot of competitors trying to imitate your success. For most industries, there is only so much market share to go around.

But as I said yesterday, in the future, we are likely to see $Trillion companies the same way we see $Billion companies today. As the norm for large companies and corporations. We merely need to remove the artificial bottlenecks that cause humans to continue thinking "small".

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Blogger Dennis Mangan said...

In 18 months?! If this is remotely feasible, Venter could change the world as we know it. And his investors could make quite a pile.

Friday, 29 February, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes indeed.

Unlimited energy (and hopefully knocking off the tyrannical and totalitarian Climate Orthodoxy), would open a lot of large doors into the future.

Venter couches his ambition safely within the language of "mitigating CO2 climate change", but I suspect he is motivated by the same types of things that motivates all ambitious people.

Friday, 29 February, 2008  

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