05 February 2008

Dome Shells vs. Monolithic Domes

First there was the geodesic dome. Then came the monolithic dome--able to survive hurricanes and tornadoes. Now, from Australia, comes the Dome Shell, with claims to rival the best of the domes.
The only building system in the world which incorporates such a superior level of structural and thermal qualities with so little material and without the use of reinforcing steel or timber.

* Lightweight
* Environmentally Sustainable
* Energy Efficient
* Low Maintenance
* Engineered for Category 5 Cyclones
* Earthquakes - Seismic Loads - 0.5g
* Termite Safe
* Fire Resistant
* Fast to Construct
* Fire Resistant____DomeshellsMore here with video...via ecofriend

Earthquake resistant, and category 5 cyclone (hurricane) resistant.Domeshells are supposed to provide a cool, dry environment in summer, and a warm dry environment in winter--with very little heating or cooling required. This is due to the unique sandwich construction, which is very efficient insulation.Monolithic domes, such as the one above, have survived tornadoes and hurricanes--when all other buildings around them were completely destroyed. Monolithic domes have been the best value dome for decades now. If the new domeshells from Oz stand up to the harsh elements as well as the monolithic domes--and rival them in economics of building and maintaining, we may see some healthy competition in dome-building once again.

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