20 December 2007

Sporty Submarine/Automobile Hybrid

A Swiss design company, Rinspeed, will unveil a wet-submersible roadster/submarine at the March, 2008, Geneva Motor Show.
To be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 2008, the rear-wheel drive sQuba is powered by an electric motor putting out 37 kW at 4,500 /min with torque of 160 NM at 1,500 /min according to the the specs released to date by Rinspeed. The rear jet drives for underwater cruising rely on two seperate 3.6 kW Rotinor (a name behind Seabob) electric engines and the body panels of the 920kg two-seater are made from carbon nano tubes with a steel chassis underneath.

Driver and passenger obtain fresh breathing air via 1 x 15 liter and 1 x 18 liter ScubaPro air supplies in a self-contained on-board system and back on dry land the sQuba is designed to drive itself autonomously at the push of a button.

Presumably, the sQuba is capable of surface cruising as well as submersible cruising to 33ft, and normal on-road driving.

My ideal vehicle is capable of on-road driving, surface cruising, dry-submersible running to 300 meters, and flying to an altitude of 25,000 feet with a range of 1500 nautical miles. It should be roomy enough for overnighting, with built-in water purification/desalination. Due to weight limitations, most food stored on-board would need to be freeze-dried.

Rinspeed's Splash hydrofoil/automobile amphibious vehicle crossed the English Channel in the summer of 2006. Video of that crossing is below.

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