08 November 2007

Best Science Blog: Climate Audit

Steve McIntyre's self-financed blog Climate Audit has done a lot to ensure accountability and responsibility among the well-financed and trendy ranks of climate scientists. It is fitting that his blog should win this years Best Science Blog award. Results so far are tentative, pending review.

Compare the post-voting sentiments expressed by the top 3 finalists and skim the comments:

Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit

Phil Blait at Bad Astronomy

PZ Myers at Pharyngula

McIntyre has always displayed an abundance of class, and his post above is a good example. Blait displays only the mildest of "sour grapes", although he does give in to that sentiment a bit more than is seemly. Myers, on the other hand, has come absolutely unglued in his invective and non-sequitur filled posting and comments. To make it worse, he goes over to Bad Astronomy and displays the same lack of class and good sense there. Someone obviously took this silly little blog award a bit too seriously.

Had McIntyre lost the contest, he would have been first to offer a hearty and sincere congratulations, because that is the type of first-class person he is. I wish the other two--particularly Myers--had been made of the same stuff.

Update 10 November: Adjustment of the tally after the polls closed has placed Climate Audit in a dead tie with Bad Astronomy. The final winner will be announced in two days on 12 November. Congratulations to the two front-runners.

As you will notice, Steve at Climate Audit added a link to Bad Astronomy to his blogroll. As of this time, Bad Astronomy has not reciprocated. That small bit of courtesy could easily be the tie-breaker in favour of CA blog.


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