21 October 2007

Is the Debate Really Over?

Science does not solve problems by closing debate. Premature closure of scientific debate is a good way to "dumb down" the public. Heaven knows the public cannot stand very much more dumbing down before the infrastructure itself starts shutting down.

Climate Audit is a good site for people who are statistically proficient. Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit has forced the more honest climate scientists to revise many of their procedures in data archiving, access, and analysis. Icecap is a good site for the general public interested in less alarmist views of climate trends.

Climate science is an infant field of study. A young science should properly look at the full range of natural and artificial influences on the subject of study. In the case of climate (climate forcings), a large raft of climate forcings is being ignored in order to focus upon anthropogenic CO2 as the "prime forcer." It is far too early in the scientific study of climate to discard every influence on climate except one, then claim that only the one climate forcing is important.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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