11 September 2007

Adventures in RF Chemistry--It's not Ice-9

Just hit salt water with radio frequency (RF) waves of the right type, and the hydrogen will separate and burn. John Kanzius discovered this technique by accident in the course of tinkering with RF to cure cancer.

Suggested by Will Brown.

Since we are all made up of large proportions of saltwater ourselves, it might be best not to focus high energy RF waves on ourselves for long periods of time. We might find ourselves bursting into flames!

Remember Kurt Vonnegut's "Ice 9". This invention has the opposite effect on sea water.

Imagine giant satellite RF generators, aiming rays at the enemies' seaports. Or terrorists aiming RF beams at popular beaches, killing thousands in the resulting flames.


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Blogger IConrad said...

There are far more energy-efficient means of mass destruction than tuning rf frequencies -- which, as you know, have that little problem of the logarithmic power/distance curve -- to sodium's resonance in order to electrolyze sea-water.

Seriously -- even lasers have a better power-to-mayhem ratio.

Tuesday, 11 September, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

It was a joke, IC.

This technique may work for killing cancer, though, if heat concentrators can be made to locate within the tumours.

Compared to the massively complicated task of focusing neutron and proton beams on tumours, focusing RF waves onto tumours full of metal nanoparticles or other concentrators of energy should be relatively simple.

Tuesday, 11 September, 2007  

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