29 August 2007

The Washington Dhimmi: When The Washington Post Rejects a Comic Strip

The Washington Post is the premier newspaper of the US capital city, Washington, DC. It is generally willing to run cartoons that are mildly offensive, sometimes much more than mildly. So why are they rejecting this comic strip?
As those who like to stress the importance of accommodating world Islam in various ways point out, there are a billion Muslims out there. But that cuts both ways: A faith that is this important in the world is an important subject of discussion, both in traditional academic and political debate and in that part of social debate that happens through humor and even the comics.
Volokh Conspiracy

Read the comic strip for yourself. The sexual innuendo is explicitly unstated and implicitly understated. It is the reference to radical islamism that appears to be at the heart of the rejection. That would make the Washington Post the Washington Dhimmi. And we know that the BBC and other world class media sources are part of the same Dhimmi congregation.

Perhaps these cowardly media executives have good reason to kowtow to an intolerant and potentially violent religion. But there is no reason the rest of us need to support them.

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