19 August 2007

South American Country Brasil Has Only 6 GHCN Weather Stations Extending 75 Years or More Into The Past

There is no way for me to describe the temperature graphs for the six Brasilian surface stations providing data from before 1930, extending at least to 2004. You really have to go to Climate Audit's posting on Brasil's GHCN stations and see the graphs for yourself.

The Urban Heat Island effect is an extremely important concept for understanding most of the "global warming" that has occurred over the past century. Since the climate orthodoxy is always chasing the mythical "global average temperature", and bases most of its policy demands upon that mythical temperature, it is important to understand where the global average comes from--the GHCN, global historical climatology network.

Recently, several interested analysts have begun to look at the quality of the data that is harvested by the GHCN. Climate Audit, Climate Science, Surface Stations, and others are trying to assess and describe the magnitude of the problems with the GHCN that can skew the data wildly.

Government bureaucrats and members of the climate orthodoxy are understandably reluctant to disclose the data and algorithms they use to make their alarmist pronouncements about climate. Given that government overseers and science journal editorial staffs are unwilling to force the orthodoxy to obey standard rules of data handling, archiving, and reporting, it is important for "outsiders" to audit the performance of the mechanisms for obtaining climate metrics.

That is exactly what is occurring, more and more. The orthodoxy resists, but then, the orthodoxy is merely another vested interest in a huge world of vested interests. Orthodoxies fall.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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