27 August 2007

Online Skeptic's Guide to Global Warming

The proprietor of Coyote Blog has taken the time to write an 80 page paperback book--also available free online--dealing with basic global warming issues.

The issue of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) is understandably complex. Climate and climate change (climate always changes) depend upon virtually every branch of science, and a comprehensive knowledge of climate would require a comprehensive knowledge of a large number of sciences. For ordinary laypersons, a portal of entry into this complex arena is helpful.

Coyote Blog's book approaches the topic from a point of view that is skeptical toward the alarmist, climate apocalypse, position. By examining the basic issues that are accessible to most educated persons, this book opens the door to this "non-debate" debate.

For those who truly believe that the debate is over, that the scientific consensus on "climate change" is universal, reading this book will be an eye-opener. Instead of being forced to accept the public declarations of alarmists at face value, you will be given the rudimentary knowledge necessary to question "authority." Because in the case of climate, "authority" is on very shaky ground. As you will see if you read this book.

Many of you are afraid of what might happen should you begin to question the consensus. Will your friends shun you as a denier? Will your professional colleagues begin to insult your work, and shunt work and business to your competitors? Will your spouse sue for divorce on the basis of mental cruelty?

Yes, all that and more can happen to the person who begins to question consensus groupthink. But do not let that stop you. Intellectual life begins when consensus ends. Go ahead. Take the plunge.

Thanks to Coyote Blog.


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Blogger al fin said...

Michelle, I hope you will read the Skeptic's Guide linked above. One cannot hope to understand climate from reading news clips and listening to celebrities.

It's becoming clear that many climate modelers do not receive the necessary background in science, math, and data analysis to qualify for their positions. That gives the whole field a bad name.

Tuesday, 04 September, 2007  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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