29 May 2007

Your Assignment: Devise a Plan to Save As Many Humans as Possible In the Event This Should Happen

Yes, the narration is in Japanese. You say you cannot understand Japanese? Just turn down the volume, and play your favourite "end of the world music" in the background, instead.

Then come up with a plan using today's technology, for saving at least 100,000 humans from the apocalypse.

As a bonus, go here to find an interesting NOVA clip about Apophis--the asteroid due to strike Earth in the year 2036.

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Blogger brian wang said...

Apophis would not do the damage depicted in the video. The asteroid in the video looks like a biosphere killer. almost as big as when something hit the earth and knocked out the moon billions of years ago.

The first part of the plan would be to have detection to spot it early and then to have a crash program for intercept and divert.

I think we would have to have a crash project Orion program both to launch powerful diversion mechanisms and to allow for cities to be moved to the moon.

A super-Orion could launch 3 million tons. that would be all of the people and their stuff and radiation shielding and years of supplies and their factories to the moon or other bodies in the solar system. Each super-Orion would need about 1000 small fusion bombs.


It probably makes the most sense to send the cities to Mars. At least some atmosphere and more water.

Tuesday, 29 May, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

Not bad, Brian. In the event of a monster asteroid impact such as that depicted in the Japanese video, the only safe place to be is off-planet.

It is not clear how quickly any group of humans could organise to build a way to evacuate tens or hundreds of thousands of people off the earth, along with the means for them to survive sustainably off-planet.

Wednesday, 30 May, 2007  

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