11 May 2007

Sperm Donor No More

Some men gain a certain satisfaction beyond the minimal monetary reward, for donating sperm to a couple who desire children. But some lesbian parents want to make the sperm donor pay for his generosity--and pay--and pay--and pay . . . .

In what legal experts are calling a precedent, a three-judge panel of the state Superior Court has ruled that a York County man must pay child support for two children of a lesbian couple for whom he acted as a sperm donor.

No, the photo above is not of the proud parents. The actual proud and self-satisfied parents are pictured below.


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Blogger brian wang said...

The donor in that case made the financial mistake of getting involved in the birth and life of the baby and giving money during the life of the baby.

I would equate as biological palimony.

So it would not be applicable in most other cases.

I also think it is like the cases of consultants getting declared to be employees after the fact and getting stock payments. The law ends up using a bunch of rules to define who is or is not something even if the title or description says something else.

Friday, 11 May, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, this is definitely blurring the lines--which is what judges enjoy doing. It seems to make them feel important.

If it goes far enough up the line, I would expect the SCOTUS to reject the panel's line of reasoning. It probably won't make it that far.

Friday, 11 May, 2007  

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