11 May 2007

Peacetime Army vs. Wartime Army

When you look beneath the media view of what has happened to the coalition militaries, you find something far different than the broken and breaking institutions the analysts want you to see.

In distinct contrast to what happened to the the US military in Vietnam, the US military in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the other battlefields against imperialist Islamist jihadist world conquest is the sharpest and best disciplined military force the world currently knows. Many commenters clearly want to relive Vietnam for reasons of their own. But that fantasy will not come true unless the know-nothings in the US Congress bring it about themselves.

There is a feature film called "American Soldiers" on cable television, dealing with the conflict between US troops and fedayeen in Iraq sometime in the past few years. Watching the film is stupefying to anyone with any knowledge of modern infantry tactics. How could the film have gotten the action so wrong? It is as if the producers hired writers with no military knowledge and experience, and with a general knowledge of the way the world works compatible with a very sheltered three year-old.

Yet even such an incompetent film portrayal is more informed than the image the mainstream media portrays of the coalition militaries. It is no wonder that people who have not served in the military, have not studied the military, and know no one close to them with accurate knowledge of the military, spout such uninformed nonsense in the media and blogs when they attempt to focus on military issues.


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Blogger al fin said...

Interesting analysis of this video over at the neutralist blog.

If you want to know the truth, posting this video on this blog was a mistake. I hit the wrong button on the dashboard, and voila!

By the time I discovered the error, I decided to leave it here, in case someone had linked to the post.

My cousin Abu runs alfin2200.blogspot, and most of my war posts and blatant political posts go over there.

Thursday, 17 May, 2007  
Blogger Richard Morchoe said...

Hi Al,

Your blog is interesting even to moi, a very non scientific lad.

Anyway, I am going to address Abu's

"Are they Truly Antiwar? Or Just on the Other Side?"

On the neutralist or my other blog, the voice of humility and use Abu's stuff maybe to lead into it. I basically agree.

Sunday, 20 May, 2007  

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