05 May 2007

Once, Even Islam Had A Golden Age . . . . .

This Saudi author is attempting to revive the golden age of Islam, in her own brave and unique way. Under more liberal leadership, even Islam experienced a time of remarkable productivity in science, mathematics, literature, art, philosophy, medicine, and engineering. Located between East and West, Islamic countries inherited much of the knowledge from ancient Greece and Rome to the west, as well as knowledge from China and India to the east. Scholars in Islamic countries took that knowledge and applied it, furthered it, and preserved it.

Modern Islam is better known for its violence, its backwardness, its utter lack of intellectual output, its commitment to destroying other cultures with which it comes into contact. Is it even possible to envision a moderate Islam today? Very difficult, which is why it is important to acknowledge it when it appears.

There are brave muslim intellectuals such as the woman in the video above, who risk a great deal to swing Islam's momentum back to a more moderate course. This woman is remarkable for her extraordinary courage. She appears to be a devout muslim who does not want to hurt Islam in any way. She would merely like to see an Islam that is more enlightened, kinder to its people, less misogynistic. At this time she lives in the UK, so that she can life a freer life than back home in KSA.

One can only hope that the UK will remain a country in which she may feel free, for a long time. There are signs that the UK is taking the cowardly path of appeasement to Islamic religious tyranny. That would be unfortunate not only for the indigenous people of the UK, but for the many immigrants who fled environments of tyranny in their home countries.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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