14 May 2007

How the US Can Compete With China

China's economic juggernaut appears unstoppable, to the average eye. The US must work under far more stringent rules and regulations in doing business, than the Chinese. Perhaps the answer for the US is to export some of its ideological idiocracy to China, to even the scale.
There was good news in the April 1 New York Times Magazine, in an article by Ann Hulbert entitled “Re-education.” Hulbert describes the enthusiasm among Chinese for American-style education. She opens with the story of Harvard freshman Tang Meijie, an exceptional young woman from Shanghai who earned her way into Harvard by bucking the usual academic grind in China and focusing instead on extracurrriculars. Meijie is on our side: “There is something in the American educational system that helps America hold its position in the world.” Meijie’s goal is to bring American-style liberal education to China.

....Our master plan for dumbing-down Chinese education, however, is not just about atmospherics or theatrics. Let’s not forget: this is American educationism. And that means theory.

...Assured that the Long March of the Revolution will inexorably reach the Great Frivolity of American-style educationism, I can worry a little less about the coming Chinese hegemony.

Along with US-style government education, the US should export its system of tort law along with a generous supply of trial lawyers to China. That would help even the score. Exporting a huge portion of feminist style affirmative action and political correctness would likewise cut the Chinese down to size. They would not know what had hit them! Sexual harassment lawsuits alone would destroy 90% of China's economic growth.

Clearly, the US has some secret weapons that would be very deadly to virtually any other economy in the world. If only the CIA could learn how to implant some of these "memes" into other economies and cultures, the US would have no competition at all for the next century or two!

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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