03 May 2007

How Much Longer Will Muslim Women Keep Popping Them Out Like Cluster Bombs

The population of muslim countries has tripled in the past 50 years. But there are signs that even in the backwater muslim countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, muslim women are beginning to rebel.
Consider that for the last fifty years, the population of all Moslem countries has tripled. That's population growth that is more than double the rate of the world as a whole, and about ten times the rate of Europe. It's about five times the rate in the United States.

Many of those unemployed young men are angry, and making war is a typical activity of angry young men.

....While Islamic countries tend to have very low levels of education, especially for women, the introduction of satellite television and DVDs has enabled even illiterate women to learn that there are other options. Ignorance is an excellent form of control, but when the ignorance is lost, so is the control.

....Losing control of the women is something that makes Islamic conservatives very angry. Murderously angry. This is a vicious, lethal battle taking place largely out of the media spotlight. But, long term, it is destroying the source of Islamic terrorism.

Of course, by the time Islamic violence and terrorism have been trimmed by more civilised birthrates, very few non-muslims may still be alive. But then, that may be what Allah intended, and it is certainly what most muslim clerics intend. Keep killing the infidel to the last drop of muslim blood, or so it goes.

Palestinian muslims and Lebanese Shias seem particularly vicious and bloodthirsty--willing to make babies for the sole purpose of training them to be suicide bombers. That cultivated perverse hatred will only get them into trouble. It is not clear how much blame should be placed on the backward culture, and how much blame to place on the religious clerics who keep the hatred constantly inflamed.

One way or another, things will change. The level of violent hatred and violence coming from Islam cannot be sustained indefinitely.

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Blogger Pastorius said...

My compliments to you on the title of this post.


Hey, check this out:


I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Thursday, 03 May, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

Thanks. Medical people can be very crude in their humour relating to body parts and functions.

Your speculation on the new definition of death and end of life is interesting. I think you meant to say that the personality is in the brain hardware, rather than software. Neural software is difficult to define currently, and appears intimately related to the brain wave activity itself.

It's as if the brain is more like ROM than RAM. The patterns that create the "software" are hardwired. But the incredible intricacy of the hardwiring means that recreating the patterns in anything but a near-identical human brain will be very problematic.

Even a cloned brain, or the brain of an identical twin would probably not work as a personality receptor, since each individual brain is uniquely modified from the moment of formation.

It's a fascinating problem, mind-blowing in its complexity.

Thursday, 03 May, 2007  
Blogger Michael Anissimov said...

I understand your point, but I think it's inappropriate to compare a human being to a bomb factory. I understand that the Muslim world has a big problem with violence and aggression, and needs to be dealt with firmly and *compassionately* by the West. But right-wing demagogues such as O'Reilly make the situation worse by labeling Muslims as inhuman and preaching the same hatred that their imams preach. We should recognize the problems of the world using logic and evidence, not fear or hate.

Thursday, 03 May, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

Sometimes the inappropriate approach is the clearest way to express an idea. That is why comedians are so popular--besides making people laugh, they conceptualize situations in a fresh way.

There is a very rational reason why most intelligent non-muslims have a problem with Islam.

Islam has bloody borders, with every other culture it contacts. Islam's intolerance problem is not a problem with the Jews, with George Bush, or with Islamophobia.

Islam's problem is with anything that isn't Islam. "Submit or die."

Friday, 04 May, 2007  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Al Fin,
Yes, you're right. I should have said hardware. Thanks.

Good point about the brain software being "hardwired." I actually should have thought of that. I understand a bit about that process from having helped my father recover from a stroke.

Anyway, so if it is not possible to use another brain, then we'll have to learn how to use computers, huh?

Or, could it be possible to program a cloned brain to be a receptacle using molecular computing?

Friday, 04 May, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

In the science fiction novel "Old Man's War" by John Scalzi, that is the way they transferred a person's mind to a new brain--they cloned an entire body w/brain.

They scanned the old brain thoroughly, and implanted a nano-array of probe/electrodes into the functioning brain for several days to assess cortical function on a detailed level.

Then, using a "brain dubber" connected to both the old brain and the cloned brain (inside a new cloned body), they copied the brain function of the old brain into the new brain.

It always works in fiction and loose speculation.

Personally, it seems more likely that we will approach the problem from two other directions--
1. Cleaning up the existing brain function with stem cells, nano-bots, growth factors, gene therapies, and electromagnetic therapies.

2. Adding cyborg augments/prostheses, to supplement the brain function--much like co-processors are added to computer systems.

Uploading and downloading copies of a mind is easy to conceptualize, but so is traveling faster than light, or going to other universes. We really want to be able to transfer our minds to something more robust than our frail bodies, but still feel like "ourselves."

Saturday, 05 May, 2007  

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