03 May 2007

"Calm Down, Dear"...."I Will Not Calm Down Dammit!"

French political debates are much freer affairs than what is seen west of the Atlantic. The recent debate between French centrist Sarkozy and Socialist Royal was no exception.
The most dramatic exchange came when Sarkozy, of the ruling Union for a Popular Movement party, ordered Royal, a Socialist, to "calm down" after she accused him of "political immorality" during an exchange about services for disabled schoolchildren.

"No, I will not calm down," Royal shot back, her voice strained. "I'm very angry. Even when I'm president I will get angry."

Sarkozy pounced: "You're getting upset very easily and you lose your cool very easily. As president of the republic, the president has to assume very heavy responsibilities."

"I didn't lose my cool," Royal snapped.

....Royal said she wanted to reduce France's national debt, increase employment, accelerate economic growth and boost the standard of living. But she offered few specifics on how she would accomplish those goals, saying she would rely on improving efficiency and eliminating waste and duplication of effort among local, regional and national governments.

No doubt Ms. Royal would discover the miracle of nationalisation of private enterprise, should she be elected. As long as you do not live too far downwind of such a nationalisation, the stink is not too bad, and it makes the people believe you are actually doing something for them.


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Blogger Dennis Dale said...

Nice cheekbones.

Thursday, 03 May, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

You bet.

Thursday, 03 May, 2007  

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