23 March 2007

Do Global Warming Be Making Humans Stupider?

When Homo Sapiens migrated north from the equator in prehistoric times, humans were forced to adapt to colder temperatures, and learn more clever ways to survive. This adaptive pressure led to more intelligent humans, the farther from the equator they traveled, and the colder it got.
The authors suggest that a key environmental trigger to the evolution of larger brains was the need to devise ways to keep warm and manage the fluctuations in food availability that resulted from cold weather.

....Gallup and Ash suggest that while our understanding of brain evolution remains incomplete, the study provides evidence of the role of climate and migration away from the equator as selective forces in promoting human intelligence, and that the recent trend toward global warming may be reversing a trend that led to brain expansion in humans.

Sheep experts are suggesting that global warming is making sheep smaller. Now evolutionary psychologists are claiming that global warming will make human brains smaller--and presumably make humans less intelligent at the same time.

May I suggest that global warming has already made humans less intelligent--otherwise how do you explain the widespread acceptance of CAGW, when it rests on only the flimsiest of scientific evidence? Blaming it on Al Gore would be begging the question, since presumably Al Gore's brain is affected by global warming too. No, clearly global warming is playing with us all, and laughing at us behind our backs.

Hat tip, Michael Anissimov.

Bergmann's rule suggests that animal body mass becomes larger as they migrate to higher latitudes. Razib's post here, and subsequent comments, suggest that Bergmann's rule should be applied loosely, if at all.

Like I have said many times, if you can link your study to global warming, you have a better than average chance of being funded, passing peer review, and being published. Just because science is supposed to be above fashion and fad, does not mean that it actually works that way.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Al's CAGW stand for Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global warming? [Note: which is indeed a doubtful truth.]

I think that abbreviation is taken; see Wikipeadia and Google.

Sad, but there we have it.

Best regards
Nigel Sedgwick

Saturday, 24 March, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

Thanks very much for the comment.

Alas, that is the nature of compression. It is not uncommon for an acronym to "stand for" multiple entities. In the situation of multiple meanings, the context will generally clarify the author's intent.

Saturday, 24 March, 2007  

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