18 February 2007

Bad Government Schools Ruining Your Child's Chances? Private Schooling for Under US $900 a Year

If you are not happy sending your children to high risk government schools, but feel that you cannot afford private school for your children, here is another alternative.

Private schools on the internet can be an economical way of avoiding the risks of government schools, while keeping your school budget manageable.
Many desperate parents today are appalled at the inferior education public schools give their kids, but think they have no where else to go.

Most parents believe that the only alternative to public schools is either a Catholic or Protestant-affiliated school or expensive non-religious private school. The problem is that many Catholic schools now charge an average tuition between $3000 to $4000 a year. Non-religious private schools can charge between $7000 to over $14,000 a year. Millions of low and middle-income parents simply cannot afford this tuition, so they think they are stuck with public schools.

....The new Internet schools have very low tuition costs, from as low as $350 a year to $2000 or more a year. Many schools charge less than $900 a year.

For example, the Clonlara School currently charges about $750 for the 2005-06 school year for a new student in kindergarten through 8th grade studies. Children get a thorough education in Reading, Math, History, and many other subjects in the curriculum, and the school assigns a personal teacher to each child.

There are dozens of excellent Internet schools parents can choose from. Some schools such as Keystone National High School only offer high-school programs while others offer a complete, kindergarten through 12th grade education. Also, many K-12 Internet schools are affiliated with private schools or major university independent-study programs.

Most parents leave their child's education to the system. Whatever the system chooses to feed their child's mind is perfectly alright with them. Here's a suggestion for parents who use the government educational system: show the film "Idiocracy" to your child. If they tell you the film is just like school, you may have a problem brewing.

Here is a book that can give you much more information on this topic. Perhaps you can find it in your library. Here's a website listing universities and colleges who are friendly to the home-schooled.

I prefer the Montessori approach over most traditional curricula--but even Montessori schools can fall victim to trendy ed-school nonsense. Wherever you send your children, better investigate it thoroughly. Trust is for idiots and the children of idiots.


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