28 November 2006

Europe to World: "I'm Shrinking, I'm Shrinking!"

Everyone who keeps up with world demographics understands that European populations are shrinking due to low birth rates. While immigration into Europe from dysfunctional third world countries helps slow the drop of population in absolute numbers, low quality immigration will likely do little to support the future productivity and prosperity of Europe.

Pastorius uses a "Funny Condom Ad" on YouTubeas a springboard to discuss the European dilemma. Will Europeans choose to fade into obscurity through population implosion? Would the rest of the world even notice?

There is no major Western European country that is producing enough children to replace the current population. Instead, they are replacing their population with Muslim immigrants.

Here are the birthrates per couple in various European countries:

Remember the birthrate for a population that is neither increasing nor declining is 2.1 babies per woman of childbearing age.

Ireland - 1.87
Germany - 1.3
Austria - 1.3
Italy - 1.2
Russia - 1.2
Spain - 1.1.

At a replacement rate of 1.1, Spain is at half the stable population replacement rate. This means Spain's population is halving every generation. The magnitude of the numbers is difficult to comprehend. In 2000, the total population of Europe was 728 million. By 2050 at the present rate of births, it will be less than 600 million, a loss of a staggering 125 million Europeans.

Nobody likes changing diapers or disciplining young children. But the alternative for a society is to simply fade away. How stupid is that?

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Blogger al fin said...

I hope it doesn't come too late, Michael. Human history is a record of more vital and barbarous civilisations overcoming more civilised populations. Women in affluent and slightly decadent societies do not like being treated as broodmares. The artificial womb is badly needed.

Wednesday, 29 November, 2006  
Blogger A Free Man said...

And yet, very few Europeans seem aware of this problem, and if they are aware, they do not see it as a problem, wierd!!

Wednesday, 29 November, 2006  
Blogger al fin said...

It takes an imagination to understand that the little brat who asks too many questions and wakes you up too early on weekends and always seems to be getting into trouble, will eventually be the person who takes care of you, if you raise him properly.

There is something about affluence, and guaranteed security by the state, that blunts the imagination and makes a person feel oddly self-satisfied.

Thursday, 30 November, 2006  
Blogger al fin said...

Some people unconsciously blame all the problems of the world on too many people, and feel smugly self-righteous about the decision to forego the stress and expense of child-raising. Women worry about the stretch marks and tissue laxity that results from childbirth.

There are people credulous enough to consider "global warming" to be the world's greatest problem. Since children are carbon dioxide producers these less discerning people choose childlessness as their own contribution to Kyoto.

Thursday, 30 November, 2006  

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